Good Day Cherry Point Air Show Fans,

Per the CO of MCAS Cherry Point, due to the COVID-19 concerns and safety of the public, we will be cancelling the entire MCAS Cherry Point Airshow (all 3 days) to both the general public and those who have purchased premium seating tickets.

For those that have purchased premium seating, full refunds will be issued from the ticketing site this week.  Please note that it could take 7-10 business days for the refund to show up on your credit card.

If you have any additional questions, please be sure to contact our MCAS Cherry Point COMMSTRAT office at chpt.commstrat.omb@usmc.mil or (252) 466-4241.

Although we are disappointed that we have to cancel our favorite event, please know that safety is our number one priority.

Thank you.

-MCAS Cherry Point Airshow Team


NOTE: There is no need to contact us regarding your refund, refunds are automatically credited back to your card. We have everything we need to issue your refund(s).