How to Use UTM Codes in Your Event Marketing to Boost Ticket Sales

utm codes event marketing

The only way to maximize your event marketing results is to optimize your event marketing investments, but you can’t do either if you’re not effectively tracking the results of every dollar you spend. That’s where UTM codes make everything so much easier and more accurate. In simplest terms, UTM codes are snippets of text added […]

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Events


Email marketing has been proven to be one of the best ways to promote products, services, and events. Email marketing is more effective at generating sales than search engine marketing and social media marketing, so it’s essential that email marketing is included in your event marketing plan. Research has found that 4.24% of visitors from an […]

10 Event Marketing Graphics Every Event Organizer Should Use

event marketing graphics

Whether you’re organizing a large or small event, an indoor or outdoor event, or any other type of event, you need a collection of visual content that captures people’s attention and motivates them to buy tickets in order to effectively promote it. Both online and offline marketing rely heavily on irresistible event graphics, so get […]

10 Reasons to Use Free Ticketing When You Don’t Charge for Your Event Tickets

free ticketing

Even if tickets to attend your event are completely free, it’s a good idea to use online ticketing. There is no easier way to stay organized than using a reputable online ticketing platform to distribute your event tickets. What is Free Ticketing? Free ticketing is simply a term used to describe the ticketing process for […]

How to Choose the Right Ticket Scanner App for Your Event


There are several ways to check people into your event at the doors or gate. Gone are the days of having to manually check people’s names off of printed lists. Today, event entry is much more efficient and faster thanks to ticket scanner apps. Choosing the right ticket scanner app for your event is one […]

AttendStar Client Spotlight – Dave Fitzgerald and the Christian Radio Network

client spotlight

Each year, AttendStar tickets a long list of Christian concerts across the country, including more than 60 concerts per year for the Christian Radio Network. We spoke with Dave Fitzgerald, who is the National Director of Events for the Christian Radio Network, for this month’s Client Spotlight interview.   What is the Christian Radio Network? […]

How Performers Can Book Their Own Shows

performers book own shows

As a performer, booking your own shows can be a daunting task. It’s rarely easy, and it’s almost always time-consuming. For every 100 inquiries you make, you could get 99 rejections, but that one gig that you do land can make all the difference in the world. While that gig is unlikely to skyrocket your […]

10 Marketing Tips for Explosive Artist Development

marketing tips

Artist development is an ongoing process, but through effective marketing, you can skyrocket your artist development results quickly. Remember, developing an artist is similar to developing any other product or service in the marketplace. There are specific ways you can promote the artist to boost awareness and sales – including event ticket sales – using […]

How to Get Volunteers to Help at Your Event

volunteers at event

It doesn’t matter if your event is large or small, chances are you’ll need help and you might not be able to pay for all of that help. That’s where volunteers come into the picture! With some effective planning, good leadership, and fantastic communications, you can build a team of volunteers who will help you […]