Using Text Message Marketing to push Your Ticket Sale

Technology has rapidly improved during the last few years and this has undoubtedly helped us in more ways than one. We have been provided with a new and effective approach to communication: Short Message Services (SMS). SMS, or text messaging for most, is among the most widely used means of communication around the world. Billions of people around the world utilize their mobile devices to send and receive text messages for different purposes. It is not surprising that it has now become an effecting marketing channel.

AttendStar has used text message marketing to its advantage, and with great success. This functionality has provided keywords and short codes for mobile users who want to be a part of their distribution list. A keyword is a one-word text that classifies the type of information the sender wants to receive while the short code is the number where they can send the text message. This way, people can easily receive news about AttendStar. They can get alerts about concerts or any other events that they wish to go to. In a matter of minutes or even seconds, they can know whether a ticket is still available or not. This method is very handy to those who want to purchase a ticket or simply inquire yet do not have an instant access to the internet or maybe has no time to browse the web.

Mobile promotion is not only beneficial to ticket buyers, but to organizers as well. When they create an event on AttendStar, a unique keyword and a short code will be assigned to their events. And it’s all for free. It helps organizers gather information about potential attendees. They also have the option to engage in mobile contests so as to attract more audience for their affair. As an extra, a QR code is provided which can be scanned by buyers using their smartphones. It will fill in all of the text fields automatically and purchasing a ticket can be as easy as 1-2-3.