The Infamous Abandoned Shopping Cart

So what does the infamous abandoned shopping cart mean?

This means a ticket buyer starts to buy tickets and at some point in the process, they abandon the purchase for any reason. It could be a perfectly good reason or it could be a very bad reason.

Good reasons:

  • How much are tickets?
  • Any hidden fees?
  • Are there tickets still available?
  • What types of credit cards are available?

Bad reasons:

  • Could not purchase on a phone
  • Problem with a credit card or–more likely–a gift card. Unless a gift card is registered some will not work.
  • The font size on the shopping cart is too small and some people cannot read it.
  • Sometimes for WePay, the credit card entry page may not appear for 10 seconds when the ticket buyer has a dial-up connection.
  • Ticket buyer stops because they do not understand what the fees are for.
  • The customer does not really know enough information about the tickets they are about to buy, meaning the ticket description was not clear.

In regular online shopping cart systems like Walmart, Amazon, etc., industry people claim that 50% to 60% of shopping carts are “abandoned.” That is a lot of people that either need more information or are having trouble.

Now, what we do about it?

AttendStar works with a special software company that tracks issues like the above. We get alerts whenever an issue arises. Then we determine if we need to contact the customer or not. Customers get a special automated email from our system with a dedicated phone number to reach someone in our office.

We have a special line that ticket buyers may call if they simply have a technical problem. They do not need event information; they do not want to place an order on the phone; they have a technical problem. Those customers do not want voicemail; they just need to talk with a human.  

We know online e-commerce, and when you do not sell, we do not sell. When you get “trouble” calls from your ticket buyers, we look bad.

And that is why we do what we do.