Tiered Ticketing – Sell Early to Sell More

This is not going to be a long post, because the idea is so simple.

Ever since I started promoting concerts back in 1979 I learned one simple truth.

The longer people have tickets in hand the more people they tell about the event.  So get those tickets in the hands of people early.

So to make this happen you create 1 to 2 or more various ticket buying options.  For example tickets are $20.00 until the week before then they are $22.00 and the day of they are $25.00.  Encourage people to buy early.  And by early how about a week before, or even a month before!

I really do not suggest raising the price of a ticket ON THE DAY OF.  Instead how about the week of?

Our software makes it easy to automatically change from 1 ticket price to another.  You can select the data and time one ticket goes off sale and then the date and time the next ticket goes on sale.  In fact, you can have as many tiers as you want!

Use this idea PLEASE.  You will sell more tickets and make more money, get more email addresses of buyers and I make more money too.  Really it is true.

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