Ticket Scanning 101

You must be wondering why ticket scanning with AttendStar would be a good idea. Other than the fact that our scanners are totally awesome looking, they’re pretty functional and can give you great insight into your event.

Scanning an AttendStar ticket validates a ticket, meaning it checks to make sure if the ticket is real and if it has been used already.

  1. Press the button on the side of the scanner to activate the laser, and then hover the entire laser over the entire width of the barcode.
  2. If the ticket is valid and has not been used, then you’ll get a green “Go” screen upon scanning. After you receive the instant confirmation message, the ticket will automatically be marked as used and will no longer be valid.
  3. If the ticket is valid but has been used, then you’ll get a red “Stop” screen upon scanning, explaining that the ticket is invalid and that it cannot be used again.
  4. If the ticket is not valid, you will receive the red “Stop” screen upon scanning, explaining that the ticket does not exist.
  5. Scanning tickets also gives you, the event manager, counts of how many people came to your event, and gives you a clearer picture of your final numbers (face it, we’ve all done the guesstimating thing).

Mixed with awesome validating skills and its sleek design, our mobile technology is top-notch!