Event Marketing: Visitors & Your Ticket Sales Page

When it comes to event marketing, one of the things AttendStar researches is your visitors’ interaction with your ticket sales page.

They come and they go and some even buy.

Some; not all.  In fact, not even most.  A few buy.

So it’s crucial to your event’s success to get those visitors back to the ticket sales page. We help in two ways:

  1. We have a feature we call “Remind Me,” which shares valuable event-related content with people who may not be ready to buy just yet.
  2. This month, we launched a service we found at the company MailMunch.  What a great name; we love the product too.  The visitor enters their email address and ZIP code to get event and other updates from event management. You can see how this works by scrolling down a bit on one of our client’s ticket sales page. It will be the box that pops up on the bottom right-hand side.

We think this is a great event marketing strategy, and we provide this service free of charge.  We have found most people (about 70%) do not buy a ticket on their first visit to a ticket sales page.  We want to help you get them back to buy.

After collecting their email, ask yourself two things–why they did not buy the first time; and what would make them buy.  It might be they need to hear some sample music?  Maybe you can share a video.  Maybe they want to learn more about a speaker?  Maybe the price is too high?  Or it could be something you can’t fix such as they are simply not available on the date of your event.

But you must try to capture their email address and them to buy.