Net Sales Report

Net Sales Report

We have a new report on the Reports menu.

We simply call it a Net Sales Report because it reports on the just the face value of the ticket. Meaning with NO ticket fees of any kind.

For example, one hundred $25.00-tickets will total $2,500.00, even if you have a $0.50 credit card fee and our ticket fee.

This report is designed to do three things:

  1. It can be used to report ticket sales to artist managers.
  2. The offline numbers will be used to provide some interesting statistics on your ticket sales in your account.
  3. It will provide us with total ticket sales for your event.

As you know we ask for what your ticket sales goal is and how many seats are available in your venue. With the offline ticket sales numbers, we now will have the ability to reach out to you proactively if we see your event is not doing well, or could do better.

Since in the past we have only seen online sales we never really knew if the event was doing good or not. This is due to most of our Christian concert events selling tickets at local outlets, or at least at the host church.

You can also choose several email addresses for sending these reports to others in addition to reporting these numbers.

In the future we will allow you to save these emails to what we will call Team Reports. Look for that in the future.