Best WordPress Event Themes

Best WordPress Event Themes

If you’re a WordPress user and want to compare and contrast the latest event themes for your site, there are a few worth mentioning that we can look at. WordPress is a popular free, open-source content management system that global users can make use of as an efficient platform. Whether you are a blogger or business, WordPress is multi-faceted in its features and can provide a base for whatever your unique needs may be.

Relative to what your primary or fundamental goal is, WordPress has specific themes that will fit your niche interest or target audience. What makes WordPress as popular as it is among its millions of users from all over the world, is the sheer execution of a website template, with multiple plugins and functions, without the need to format it on your end via knowledge of code or web developing. WordPress sets the platform up for you, with simplicity and ease, enabling literally anyone starting from the most basic skill sets to create their own website. This in and of itself allows you to cut to the chase and start generating fast and easy content.

Many people are beginning to market and showcase events with more influx than before. It’s becoming a common medium as we progress in areas of entertainment, media, politics, and business relations. In the case of events, promotional interests, and conferences, we will explore the best of what WordPress has to offer, in both desktop and mobile applications.

Fudge 2.0

Fudge 2.0 is a good choice if you need to create a conference website. You have complete control over all style elements and can personalize your site entirely with this event theme. The Event Composer is a tool that has been introduced that makes use of the drag and drop feature with a wide array of options that can change the color of site elements, or change the typography, font, and style of your words and articles. This event theme also has a feature of 10 preset Google fonts, that give you further access and option to customize based on your needs. This layout theme is very engaging and responsive in that it can run flawlessly on any device, web browser, or operating system without glitch errors. This limits any need on your end to resize or readjust your material. All this considered, this event theme is perfect for being operated or read by your mobile device and desktop just the same.


This is a fantastic event theme that is favored by those who hold tech conferences and events. This is mainly due to the theme and it’s specific plugins being extremely fast to load, smooth running, with highly refined, dynamic, and sleek in design and mobility. Mondree is exquisitely coded, advanced in it’s features, visual aesthetic, and functionality. This is perfect for those of you who want a fitting template that aligns with your interests, events, or conferences related to the tech field or anything that revolves around thoroughly processed, brilliant, sharp packaging and features. The high quality, modern graphics engages extremely well for a target audience of people that are synonymous in taste with the Mondree design and all-encompassing format. Content can be quickly imported and generated fluidly.


Khore is a mobile WordPress event and conference theme that is incredibly well rounded and sufficient in versatility. It is eclectic in it’s design and functionality, giving you multiple, almost boundless options from fonts, transitions, drag and drop, color and style elements, to setting up social media accounts on its platform, including everything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. This event theme is very mobile friendly, and allows you to handle everything, including editing and re-tweaking, from your mobile phone. You can also navigate this event theme from your desktop if you wish and get the same high quality, technological diversity, and custom features without neglecting any of the elements. This is a great choice for busy professionals that are always on the run, multitasking with different projects and work requirements. Khore allows theme to create and manage events from their mobile device without strenuous effort.


With Mesh, this WordPress event theme is a preference among those who want to make use of contemporary features that this provides, such as built-in social media support which enables you to garner a ton of social media contacts via efficient yet convenient online networking. With one simple click, this event theme allows you to share and promote all of your photos, music, and digital previews with the rest of the social media audience. This platform gives you an amazing means of sharing and promoting events in a modern and visible way. Additional features include a countdown timer which contributes to needed hype and sensation in regards to your particular event, as well provided cross-browser compatibility that enables you to view and interact with mesh from both mobile and desktop applications. Admins of a WordPress website that uses Mesh as a platform can set up informational newsletters that the system integrates, as well as spectacular images that this event theme can enhance. This is definitely ideal for music and entertainment events.


Capital is a WordPress event theme that is robustly designed to handle everything from corporate business projects to professional conference management. This design is simplistic, reliable, and tactful in it’s solid functionality and visual aesthetic. This is a perfect template if you want a website theme that caters to professional engagements, projects, and organizational matters as well as a website that is welcoming in it’s features, even for individuals that are more rudimentary in their knowledge of website and theme navigation. This is a great event or conference theme for absolutely anyone and that is part of Capital’s charm. There are advanced customization options and easy page cultivation. A great feature included is Capital’s slide show that presents your event or conference images in beautiful, full-width style. This is perfect if you want an event website that is beautiful, simple and basic.