Ticket Fees, Taxes, Credit Card Fees, Facility Fees ….

The list goes on.  Let’s face it there are many kinds of fees that need to get added to ticket prices.  The questions are:

  1. Do we build the ticket fees into the ticket price?
  2. And if we don’t how do we display the ticket fees to the consumer?

Both are complex questions.

The challenge comes in where we share and try to explain the fees to the consumer.  Of course, the consumer does not want any fees.

Do we build the ticket fee into the ticket price?

After ticketing thousands and thousands of events over the last 6 years we crunched the numbers and found that when the ticket price included all the fees the event sold more online tickets and they sold them earlier.  Earlier ticket sales create more buzz as people share they already bought tickets.  People surely share more if they already bought than if they are still thinking of buying, that’s been true for as long as I can recall.

Next, tickets at your outlets need to the same price as online tickets for many reasons.

  1. You need the ticket buyers email for future marketing
  2. You need better control of reporting ticket sales so you can spend more or less in advertising selling offline makes it much harder.
  3. You need the ability to resend a ticket if they lose it
  4. You need to communicate with them to get your social media going
  5. You need them to buy early and not wait until they get to a local ticket outlet

While including all the fees in the ticket price has advantages most people do not do this.  So let’s explore the next question

How do we display ticket fees to the consumer?

Looking back at events when people see $5.00 in ticket fees the first thing they think is buying online will cost them $5.00 so they delay, then they call us or you to see how they can save $5.00.

My theory and it’s a theory is that when they see $1.50 in ticket fees and $3.50 in credit card fees they think buying online will only cost $1.50 which is a much better deal than $5.00.

To help answer the question how consumers would rather see ticket fees displayed we at AttendStar are going to ask ticket buyers the same question we are asking event organizers below.  So check back for the answers!

What are your thoughts on how fees should be displayed?  Let’s do a quick one question poll. And please feel free to share comments at the bottom of this post.



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