How to Write Perfect Event FAQs for Your Ticket Sales Page

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Did you know that just a few minutes creating event FAQs to include on your ticket sales page can increase your ticket sales? A good set of FAQs can also reduce the number of calls and emails you get from people as they consider whether or not to buy tickets to your event. That means event FAQs can do two things for you: help you make more money and save a lot of time!

Unfortunately, many ticketing websites and tools don’t offer a dedicated FAQ section on event ticket sales pages. When people have a question and getting an answer isn’t quick and easy, they often don’t buy tickets. Why risk it for your event? Instead, choose a ticketing website like AttendStar that makes it super easy to add event FAQs directly to your ticket sales page.

A comprehensive FAQ section is one of the most important ticket sales page features. Not only do you have to include the right questions, but you also have to make sure your answers are complete.

Never publish your FAQs until you first show them to a few people who are unfamiliar with your event. You’d be surprised by the types of questions that might come up which you haven’t thought of as well as the questions that will come up based on something you’ve included in one of your FAQ answers!

25 Questions for Your Ticket Sales Page Event FAQs

To help you get started in developing your own event FAQs for your ticket sales page, here are 25 questions that AttendStar President Gary Bradshaw recommends based on his many years of experience in the event ticketing industry:

  1. What types of payment do you accept?
  2. Can I buy tickets offline? How?
  3. What fees and taxes will I be charged?
  4. How will I get my tickets if I buy them online?
  5. Do you offer refunds?
  6. What if the event is cancelled or postponed?
  7. What if my tickets are lost or stolen?
  8. Can I show my tickets on my phone at the door or do I need to have the physical tickets with me?
  9. Can I put tickets on hold?
  10. At what age does a child need a ticket?
  11. Do you offer military, senior citizen, or other discounts?
  12. What does general admission mean?
  13. Will my seats be together?
  14. What should I do if I don’t receive my tickets?
  15. What time do the doors open?
  16. Where should I park and is parking free?
  17. Do you have appropriate seating and parking for individuals with medical conditions?
  18. What items am I not allowed to bring into the event (e.g., bags, coolers, video equipment, outside food and drink, etc.)?
  19. Are pets allowed?
  20. For a multi-day event, is my ticket good for either or all days?
  21. Can I purchase tickets at the door/gate/entrance?
  22. Is there an age limit or are there ID requirements to enter the event?
  23. The name on the ticket doesn’t match the attendee’s name. Is that okay?
  24. What are your terms and conditions?
  25. Is there a way for me to get updates as the event gets closer as well as on the day of the event in case there are weather or traffic delays or other problems that could affect the event?

When the Naval Air Weapons Station sold tickets to the China Lake Air Show in March of this year via AttendStar, the ticket sales page included a great example of event FAQs, which you can see in the image below.

Ticket Sales Page Example NAWS FAQs

Similarly, when KWFC 89.1, a Springfield, Missouri radio station, created a ticket sales page using AttendStar to sell tickets for people to see The Second-Half Quartet, they used a simpler but still very effective event FAQs section. You can see those FAQs in the image below.

Ticket Sales Page Example Second Half Quartet FAQs

Your Next Steps

Now that you have a list of questions to work with, it’s time to choose the ones that are relevant to your event and write up some thorough answers. Show them to multiple people to ensure they make sense and don’t end up causing confusion that leads to more questions!

Fifteen minutes spent creating your event FAQs now will save you so much time answering the same questions again and again via phone calls and email messages later!