Is This Mistake Costing You Ticket Sales?

mistake costing ticket sales

You’ve spent time and money organizing an event that people will love, but you’re not selling tickets. Why? You’re spending money on marketing and getting traffic to your ticket sales page, but people aren’t buying. What’s going on?

Unfortunately, you might be making one common mistake that’s costing you ticket sales – you’re not convincing your event website visitors to actually buy tickets!

It doesn’t matter how great your event is or how much money you spend on advertising if your event’s ticket sales page doesn’t motivate people to immediately click the buy button. The truth is that on average, 80% of people who visit your ticket sales page won’t buy tickets the first time they visit. You need to do everything you can to decrease that percentage and convince more people to buy.

5 Ways to Convert More Ticket Sales Page Visitors into Ticket Buyers

The good news is there are some specific things you can do to improve your ticket sales page so you convert more visitors into buyers. Five of the most important are discussed below.

1. Speed up Your Page Load Speed

Just a one second delay in the time it takes for a web page to load for a visitor decreases transactions by 7%. That means your ticket sales page must load in desktop and mobile browsers quickly and completely or you’ll lose sales and revenue.

Be sure you choose an online ticketing provider that not only makes it easy for you to create a great ticket sales page but also optimizes the loading speed of that page.

2. Use Bigger and Higher Quality Visuals

Larger images have been proven to increase website conversions in a variety of different studies. Often, they’re processed faster by the brain and are more memorable than text. However, not just any image will do. The images displayed on your ticket sales page must be high quality and relevant.

Studies have also shown that personal images perform better than stock images, so consider using your own images if the quality of those images is good. Follow the link to learn some tips to design great images for your ticket sales page.

3. Write a Better Event Description

The description of your event needs to be irresistible. If you’re not a great writer, hire one to help you. Don’t try to go cheap here, because the quality of the writing is so important.

Also, a skilled copywriter knows how to craft a description that motivates people to buy. That’s a talent that not everyone who calls himself or herself a writer can do.

4. Display Easy to Understand (and Find) Ticket Prices and Options

If you’re offering more than one type of ticket with different features at multiple price points, make sure it’s very easy for visitors to understand what each of those types of tickets includes. If people don’t understand your prices or ticket packages, they’re unlikely to buy. Instead, you need to make them feel confident when they click the buy button.

Yes, you should offer early bird prices and set ticket prices so you can maximize sales, but always keep the customer in mind. What do they want and how do you need to present that information to them so they are confident that they’re paying for the right thing? Answer those questions on your ticket sales page, and your sales should go up.

5. Use Cart Re-engagement Tactics

With cart re-engagement, event managers can market to people who started to purchase tickets but ultimately didn’t complete their transactions. Cart re-engagement is an important form of remarketing that most online ticket management companies don’t offer (AttendStar does), but it’s extremely important and effective to ensure you don’t lost ticket sales from visitors.

Here’s how AttendStar’s cart re-engagement feature works to help you sell more tickets. After a potential customer clicks the Buy Tickets button, they’re asked to enter their email address to continue to the Guest Checkout process. That email address is then saved in your AttendStar account.

If the customer completes a purchase, it is indicated in the Purchase field within your ticket sales data. If they don’t complete a purchase, that information is saved with your data. You can download this list of names and send emails to people who didn’t complete their purchases sharing more details about the event or offering a discount.

If you use MailChimp or ActiveCampaign as your email marketing tool, you can connect your email marketing account with your AttendStar account to fully integrate, seamlessly manage, and easily automate your email marketing campaigns.

“Cart re-engagement works,” explains AttendStar Founder and President Gary Bradshaw. “Recently, a client was able to add over $5,000 in ticket sales to their gross sales using AttendStar’s re-engagement feature.”

A Great Ticket Sales Page Brings More Ticket Sales

Bottom-line, a great ticket sales page that looks and functions extremely well can make a significant difference in the number of tickets you sell to your events. Don’t settle for a mediocre page, or you’re leaving money on the table. Instead, make sure your ticket sales page includes addresses the five factors above and include these 20 critical features. Don’t make the mistake of letting too many customers get away.

If you need help selling tickets to your next event or you’re looking for event marketing support, call AttendStar at 615-223-1973 or use the Contact form.

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