AttendStar Now Offers Event Marketing Services – Here’s Why Event Managers Should Care

event marketing services

We’ve been thinking about offering event marketing services at AttendStar for a long time. As an event ticketing company, we have unique insight into what makes an event successful and how to sell more tickets to events. In recent years, we’ve focused our efforts on introducing new tools to help our clients increase ticket sales, including Ticket Buyer Buzz, Remind Me, and our new re-engagement feature. All of these features are marketing tools, so in many ways, we’ve already been offering marketing services for years. These services have been integrated into the AttendStar ticketing platform. Now, we’re expanding these marketing services beyond our ticketing application.

Over the years, we’ve analyzed the results of nearly 7,000 events, and we’ve seen a direct correlation between ticket sales and digital marketing analytics. By analyzing the event profit and loss statements within the AttendStar ticketing platform and extrapolating budget, marketing investment, and ticket sales data, we learned a strategic investment in event promotion directly affects final attendance numbers. In other words, if event organizers aren’t investing in event marketing, they’re unnecessarily limiting the number of tickets they’ll sell.

Yes, event budgets are always tight, but if you can’t afford to invest in professional marketing services, then you may need to back up and think about the practicality of holding your event in the first place. Simply doing it yourself or recruiting volunteers with no event marketing experience won’t deliver the return on investment that you need from your marketing initiatives. Even working with a marketing agency that doesn’t specialize in event marketing could limit your success because event marketing is so unique with its own sets of challenges and opportunities.

With all of this information in mind, the AttendStar team decided to leverage our knowledge about events, ticket sales, and marketing to help our clients improve the success of their own events. You can learn more about our event marketing services here.

5 Reasons Event Marketing Services Should Matter to Event Planners

It’s easier to sell a $30 Domino’s pizza than it is to sell a $30 event ticket. That’s because people have to expend a lot more effort to attend an event – from getting ready, driving to the event, spending time at the event, and driving home. Time is a valuable commodity that requires a much bigger commitment than eating a pizza. Your event’s unique value proposition (UVP) must outweigh the monetary cost and the time cost in consumers’ minds or they won’t buy tickets. Competing for people’s time is extremely challenging, but professional event marketers can help you do it successfully.

Here are five reasons why event planners need to work with experienced event marketers:

1. Marketing Takes a Lot of Work

In today’s digital world, there are simply too many places to advertise, and it costs too much money to advertise everywhere. Gone are the days when simply telling your local radio station and newspaper that a certain artist was coming to town and the tickets would magically sell. Today, you need to invest in content marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, offline advertising, and more to compete with all of the other communications and offers people are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The truth is that spending money to hire professionals to help you promote your event is more likely to generate positive results than doing it yourself. Marketing tactics, tools, and strategies are continually evolving, and what worked a month ago might not work today. At the same time, consumers’ preferences, attitudes, and behaviors are changing faster than ever. Rather than throwing darts at a dartboard and hoping something sticks, you should work with an event marketer, and you’ll have confidence that your marketing investments will drive positive returns in the form of more ticket sales and higher profits.

2. Volunteers Won’t Deliver Adequate Results

Volunteers might be very committed to your event or performers, but they might not realize how much work it takes to hold a successful event. They might be extremely present at first, but as the event draws closer, their availability dwindles. This is not uncommon, but if you’re relying on volunteers to help you promote your event and sell tickets, then you need to make sure they’re commitment doesn’t fade over time. Furthermore, unless your volunteers are professional event marketers, they’re efforts might not be helpful in boosting ticket sales at all.

When you work with a professional event marketing company, you’ll have peace-of-mind that someone who knows what they’re doing is effectively promoting your event at all times. Over the years, I’ve repeatedly seen that event organizers who hire event marketers have the best attendance results. The data doesn’t lie!

3. Tracking Results Can Be Challenging

Today, event marketing must be agile. That means your promotional tactics might have to change on the fly and in real time. How do you know what needs to change and when in order to maximize ticket sales? You learn this by constantly analyzing your marketing performance results. There are many tools available to track results. However, setting them up and getting them all to communicate with each other so you have a complete picture of what is and isn’t working at all times isn’t easy.

Event analytics are critical, and professional event marketers know how to collect and interpret data from your marketing initiatives to maximize your overall results. For example, did you know that 80% of people who visit your ticket sales page won’t buy tickets the first time they visit? Through AttendStar’s marketing services, you’ll know who visited without buying as well as how and where to reconnect with them to motivate them to purchase. If you’re running Facebook ads to boost ticket sales, AttendStar’s team will be monitoring the performance of those ads throughout the day, every day. We’ll tell you when changes are needed to optimize your results. Do you have the staff or knowledge to dive deep into the data and turn numbers into actionable and effective marketing campaigns? Event marketers, like the team at AttendStar, know how to do it, and we can do it for your next event.

4. We Know What Works to Market a Successful Event

The AttendStar team didn’t just jump into event marketing with no knowledge or experience to back up our new services. We’ve been ticketing events for years, and as I mentioned earlier in this article, we’ve tracked what works and what doesn’t for thousands of events. It’s our ability to crunch the numbers and use data to make investment decisions that sets us apart from many other event marketing firms. That’s because we don’t just look at event marketing from a marketing perspective. We look at it from a ticket sales perspective, too. In other words, the AttendStar team has a unique understanding of what makes events successful.

Our years of research and analysis have also taught us to look at events from multiple points of view. To that end, we consider the event manager, the audience, the venue, the staff, the performers, and more as we create marketing programs and sell tickets. Ticketing touches all aspects of event planning, so we understand better than any other event marketing firm what matters most to all stakeholders.

5. By Combining Ticketing and Marketing, We Offer More Affordable Solutions without Sacrificing Quality

Since the AttendStar ticketing platform has been in operation for over a decade and has been used to ticket thousands and thousands of events of all sizes, it’s a fine-tuned ticket sales machine. When combined with our team’s event marketing knowledge and experience, the combination of ticket sales and marketing opportunities gives event planners a high quality, affordable solution to a common problem – how to hold a successful event.

By putting sales and marketing under the same umbrella, event planners get access to a comprehensive solution and can take advantage of the economies of scale AttendStar offers to keep costs down without missing opportunities. It’s one-stop-shopping for event planners who want to sell enough tickets to ensure their events are as profitable as possible or for event planners who simply want to sell enough tickets to be able to hold the same event or a similar event again in the future.

Your Event Marketing Next Steps

The next time you’re planning an event, make sure it’s successful by selling tickets and marketing the event through AttendStar. There is no easier way to handle event marketing and ticket sales at such an affordable price. Contact AttendStar at 615-223-1973 to get started or use the contact form if you want your next event to be a success!Save



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