Promotion Tip #13 – Day Of Event Status

No matter who you use to ticket your event, a challenge we all have is the ability to communicate ticket status to prospective ticket buyers on the day of event.

Questions include which ticket types are completely sold out and which ticket types are available at the door. Combine that with tickets that still may be available at other ticket outlets, and the problem becomes worse. Finally, on the day of event you and your team may not be near a phone–now your customers are more confused and not buying.

Well, AttendStar has a solution for you called Day of Event Status (in the event manager as “Status Message”). You can update individual statuses of each ticket type as the status changes, and the best news:  it reflects on your ticket sales page immediately. You have three choices for your ticket status, seen below.

Day of Event Statuses

All Tickets Sold Out
Online Tickets Sold Out
Tickets Available at the Door

Below is a screenshot of the choices, which can be found under the Basic Information tab while editing a ticket.

New Picture

The bottom line is don’t leave the customer guessing. There is a 50/50 chance of them guessing wrong–then missing out on the event and you missing out on more ticket revenue. Fix the problem easily by using Day of Event Status.

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