10 Ways the Right Air Show Ticketing Helps Your Event’s Profitability

right air show ticketing provider

The right air show ticketing provider can make the difference between holding a successful air show or not. That’s because the right air show ticketing provider will offer so much more than simply a tool to process ticket sales. The right air show ticketing provider will support you in every way possible – from selling tickets to event marketing, logistics, customer service, and more.

AttendStar was created to ticket air shows and has ticketed hundreds of air shows since 2010 with attendance ranging from a few thousand to over 100,000 people. With all of that experience comes a lot of knowledge that can help you make your air show as successful as possible.

Still not sure how the right air show ticketing can make a difference for your air show? Check out the 10 ways below that just scratch the surface of the services a ticketing provider that was created to ticket air shows can make.

1. Pricing and Seating Flexibility for Your Ticket Buyers

Your air show ticketing provider should make it easy for you to create and sell as many different ticket price tiers and bundles as you want, including free tickets. Reserved seats, premium seating, VIP experiences, and upgraded parking are just some of the ways you can increase revenue through creative ticketing and pricing.

The right air show ticketing provider not only knows how to help you create the ticket options and pricing your show needs to be successful but also makes it easy for you to offer concession and merchandise add-ons with tickets to boost your revenue per ticket buyer and giving you more opportunities to get money into your hands as early as possible. AttendStar offers all of these ticket pricing, seating, and add-ons and more.

2. Quick Payments to You

The air show ticketing provider you choose should deposit ticket sales revenue to your bank account on a daily basis when you use your own merchant account. There shouldn’t be a delay in getting your money. AttendStar pays you on a daily basis and also integrates with 20 types of payment gateways.

3. No Hidden Fees for You

You should never be surprised by the price you have to pay to work with an air show ticketing provider. For example, AttendStar includes all of the services it offers in the ticket fees. The general admission ticket fee is just $2.00 per ticket, and the fee for premium seating or reserved seat tickets ranges from $2.95 to $4.95. That’s all you pay, and that’s what you should expect to get from your ticketing provider.

4. Dedicated Phone Support for You

An air show is a big event with a lot of moving pieces. Things will go wrong, so it’s imperative that your air show ticketing provider offers dedicated phone support to you. That’s why AttendStar created a dedicated phone line for air show organizers. It rings directly to the AttendStar expert air show team!

5. Onsite and Offsite Support for You

Again, holding an air show is not a small undertaking, therefore, you need to be confident that nothing will go wrong before your show or on the day of your show that could affect ticket sales or gate entry for ticket buyers. AttendStar’s Air Show Operations Team travels to your event to assist you in making sure your event runs smoothly.

In addition, AttendStar has an Air Show Operations Center in its Nashville-area headquarters that is dedicated to tracking local weather, monitoring local police and traffic reports, and operating the phone center. The Nashville Air Show Operations Center stays in constant contact with you and the AttendStar team onsite at your event to ensure your show is as successful as possible.

6. Parking, Gate Management and Logistics Help for You

Why work with multiple vendors to help you with ticketing, parking, gate management, and logistics if you can get one-stop shopping with the right air show ticketing provider? For example, AttendStar’s services include complete ticketing, customer service, gate management, parking, traffic planning, marketing, and more – both before your event and during your event.

AttendStar’s onsite Air Show Operations Team will bring flags that can be used for everything from gate control to helping people find their cars. The team closely monitors the weather and traffic and sends text messages to your ticket buyers when there are traffic or weather problems that could affect their experiences at your show. This service is provided to air shows at no extra charge and has saved many from traffic and weather disasters.

7. Advertising and Marketing Tools and Services for You

Simply selling tickets isn’t enough to hold a successful air show. You need to promote your air show, and to get the best results, many of your promotional efforts should integrate directly with your air show ticketing software or be built into the platform.

When you choose AttendStar for your air show ticketing, email marketing, remarketing, ad retargeting, online advertising, paid search advertising, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, social media marketing, text message marketing, and more are fully-integrated or built into the software. In addition, AttendStar’s event marketing team can help you with any marketing efforts you have planned, or they can help you strategize and come up with an event marketing plan for you.

8. Phone Support for Ticket Buyers

What happens when ticket buyers have problems with their purchases? Who do they call? As your air show gets closer, the number of calls you receive from ticket buyers will jump, and the week before the show, they could triple, quadruple, or more!

Think of it this way. A recent air show ticketed by AttendStar received 3,239 calls during the three weeks leading up to the show, and those calls came from an audience of just 30,000 paid ticket buyers. Can you handle that call volume? The right air show ticketing provider will handle those calls for you.

For example, AttendStar provides a unique phone number for your show at no charge. Your number comes with advanced voicemail, call queue, after hours support, and an interactive phone menu system that directs calls to the correct contact, so show-related questions go to you and ticket-related questions go to AttendStar.

9. Upgraded Technology and Mobility for You

Your air show ticketing provider should use the latest technology and offer mobile tools such as ticket scanning technology and mobile apps. If you’re using outdated technology and not leveraging mobile devices, then you’re not setting your show up for maximum success.

Ticket scanners from AttendStar use upgraded technology to scan tickets on a printed e-ticket or directly from an attendee’s mobile phone screen. They can scan tickets faster than people can move, and they can accept credit card sales, too. In addition, tickets can be scanned using smartphones or tablets, and since AttendStar’s onsite operations team brings its own land-based and satellite internet that supports its ticket scanners (which use AttendStar’s own software), you can be confident that lines will move quickly at all times regardless of any local WiFi problems.

You can also get your own event mobile app from AttendStar for iPhone and Android devices. You can add sponsor information, act information, directions, traffic and parking tips, and more to your app.

10. Security and Privacy for You and Your Ticket Buyers

When you hold an air show, you should own your ticket buyers’ data, not the ticketing provider, but that’s exactly what many air show ticketing providers do. They use your ticket buyers’ data for their own marketing purposes. Even worse, many providers allow other clients to use your data and market directly to your customers. Some even sell your ticket buyers’ data to other companies.

You need to feel confident that the ticketing software you choose is secure and your customers’ data is secure, so always read the fine print in any contracts and agreements. AttendStar takes security very seriously and has invested in the necessary technology to ensure your data is safe. Furthermore, AttendStar never uses or shares your data. It’s yours and only yours!

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