How to Choose the Right Online Ticketing Provider for Your Agritourism Event

agritourism event ticketing

Agritourism events are growing in popularity quickly as more people look for outdoor activities related to nature, sustainability, and healthy living and as more communities discover the positive effects that agritourism events bring to local economies. The majority of farmers have yet to hold agritourism events, which makes it a largely untapped market for farmers with entrepreneurial spirits who are ready to create a new revenue stream. For example, you could organize:

  • Music festivals
  • Corn mazes
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Apple festivals
  • Strawberry festivals
  • Field trips
  • Group tours
  • And more

Organizing an agritourism event requires knowledge of budgeting, marketing, logistics, regulations, and more. In fact, this is an area where it’s important to get the right expertise to ensure you organize a successful event. One of the first steps you need to take is choosing your online ticketing provider. Why? Because you want to make sure you choose a ticketing provider that will not only enable you to easily sell tickets but will also work with you to ensure you sell as many tickets as possible as early as possible (to recoup your investments). Also, you want to work with a ticketing provider that will provide logistical, budgeting, marketing, and other expertise in support of your event.

AttendStar offers more than just ticketing. Yes, the AttendStart ticketing platform offers all of the features you need to successfully sell tickets to your event, but you need more help. AttendStar is the only online ticketing provider that also offers event marketing, logistical planning, budgeting support, and even on-site support during your outdoor event to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

To help you choose the right online ticketing platform for your agritourism event, ask every provider the 10 questions below.

1. How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Your first question to any ticketing provider you’re considering using will likely be, “How much will it cost me?” Look for an online ticketing provider that charges competitive ticketing fees and allows you to include all ticketing fees in your ticket prices. There should be no hidden fees that will surprise you in the future.

For example, AttendStar includes all of its fees for all of the services it provides to you in a single ticket fee. For general admission tickets, that fee starts at just $1.00 per ticket. For premium or reserved seating tickets, the fee ranges from $2.95 to $4.95. That’s all you pay when you work with AttendStar, and if you want, you can include those fees in your ticket prices, so you pay nothing out-of-pocket.

2. How Quickly Do I Get Payments for Tickets Sold?

This is a critical question because the faster you get your payments for tickets that have been sold to your agritourism event, the faster you’ll recoup your investments. It also means you’ll have money to pay vendors and even invest in additional marketing.

With that in mind, choose an online ticketing provider that deposits the revenue from your ticket sales to your bank account on a daily basis. You should never have to wait for your money! AttendStar pays you the ticket revenue you’ve earned on a daily basis.

3. What Kinds of Tickets Can I Sell?

It’s important that you offer multiple types of tickets to your event to maximize revenue. For example, you’ll want to sell a base ticket at a lower price and also offer upgraded tickets for higher prices. You can bundle things into your higher priced tickets like food or drink vouchers or special activities. You could even include upgraded parking in a specific ticket type.

Another question you should ask every online ticketing provider you speak with is whether or not the tool allows you to include add-ons with your tickets. For example, you could let people pay for a specific number of drinks or specific food items in advance as an add-on. This is also a great way to get people to prepay for hayrides and other activities.

Again, the more money you can make before your event, the better, so being able to sell different types of tickets and offer add-ons with ticket purchases is essential to maximize your revenue. AttendStar makes it easy for you to sell as many ticket types as you want and to offer add-ons.

4. Do You Offer Phone Support for Me?

“In order for a farm event to be a success, the first thing event organizers need to realize is that there are more things to consider in hosting an event on a site not designed to hold events,” explains AttendStar President Gary Bradshaw.

Agritourism events typically happen outdoors at venues that weren’t designed to hold large events, so things will go wrong. That means your ticketing provider should be accessible when you need them. Don’t settle for a ticketing provider that only offers email or online chat support.

You need to be able to speak with a person at any time who is knowledgeable about your event and the challenges you face. AttendStar offers phone support, so you’ll have peace-of-mind that the help you need is available when you need it.

5. Do You Offer Phone Support for My Ticket Buyers?

As your event gets closer, you’ll get more and more phone calls from people with questions about buying tickets or who have problems with their ticket purchases. This won’t be a small jump in calls. AttendStar has seen call volume from ticket buyers quadruple or more the week before an outdoor event. Can you handle all of those calls?

You need to choose an online ticketing provider that handles all of your ticket buyer calls for you. AttendStar does this for you and goes a step further than that by giving you a unique phone number for your agritourism event at no charge. This special phone number includes a call queue, advanced voicemail, after hours support, and an interactive phone menu system that directs event-related calls to you and ticket-related calls to AttendStar.

6. Do You Offer Onsite and Offsite Support for My Agritoursim Event?

Remember, things will go wrong when you’re organizing a large outdoor event, so you need to be confident that your online ticketing provider is available to help you work through any problems you face. AttendStar’s team offers both onsite and offsite support for your agritourism event so nothing negatively affects your onsite ticket sales or gate entry process.

The AttendStar team can travel to your event to help you, and the Nashville-based team supports you by tracking local weather, operating the phone center, and monitoring local traffic and police reports. The team stays in constant contact with you to ensure your agritourism event is successful.

7. Will You Help Me with Parking, Gate Management, and Traffic Logistics?

Very few online ticketing providers have the experience and expertise to help you with parking, gate management, and traffic logistics. That’s why so many outdoor event organizers choose AttendStar as their ticketing platform. AttendStar helps you with everything from gate control, entry, exit, flag and cone positioning, and more.

This service is essential for outdoor events. The AttendStar team also monitors the weather and traffic for you on the day of your event and sends text messages to your ticket buyers when there are weather or traffic problems that could affect their experience at your event. For example, if a traffic jam could delay ticket buyers from getting to your event, AttendStar will send a text message warning people about the problem, so they can choose an alternate route.

8. Will You Help Me with Marketing My Agritourism Event?

Your online ticketing provider should offer tools and services to help you promote your event and sell more tickets. Don’t choose a provider that just lets you sell tickets. Instead, look for a platform that has marketing features built into it and a provider that offers expert marketing services.

AttendStar offers a long list of marketing features and integrations within its ticketing platform such as email marketing, online advertising, remarketing, ad retargeting, social media marketing, text message marketing, and more. In addition, AttendStar’s event marketing team is available to support your marketing efforts or TO handle everything for you.

9. Do You Offer Technology Services to Ensure We Can Scan Tickets at the Gate?

What happens when people arrive at your event? How will you check their tickets to make sure they’re legitimate? What process will you use to ensure people can get through the gates as quickly as possible? The answer to these questions is to choose a ticketing provider that can help you do it all.

You need to be able to scan tickets using a mobile app and/or ticket scanning technology, but that technology needs to be updated and advanced. AttendStar’s ticket scanners use the most current technology (it’s AttendStar’s own software) and can scan printed tickets as well as tickets on mobile devices. These scanners can scan tickets faster than people move! In addition, AttendStar’s tickets can be scanned using mobile phones.

Of course, ticket scanning is only useful if you have the necessary internet connectivity. It’S risky to rely on local Wi-Fi. That’s why AttendStar’s onsite support team offers its own land-based and satellite internet for your event. Not only can you scan tickets from AttendStar’s scanners, but you can also sell tickets by credit card. In other words, you’ll know that lines at the gate will move quickly!

Another added benefit to look for from your ticketing provider is mobile app development. Ticket buyers are used to downloading event apps that are filled with event information and logistical help. When you sell tickets through AttendStar, you can get your own agritourism event mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

10. How Do You Keep Our Ticket Buyer Data Secure?

Privacy and security of personal data is a hot topic these days, so it’s imperative that you work with an online ticketing provider that takes it seriously. Many ticketing providers user your ticket buyers’ data for their own marketing. They might even share that data with their other clients and allow those clients to promote their own events, products, and services to your ticket buyers. Some ticketing providers share or sell your ticket buyers’ information with third parties.

The way providers use your ticket buyer data is often hidden in fine print, so make sure you read all agreements and contracts very carefully. You need to choose a ticketing provider that doesn’t allow anyone to use your ticket buyer data but you!

AttendStar has strict privacy and security protocols in place and never shares your data with anyone.  There is no fine print. That’s the policy – no sharing – and the necessary technology is used to keep your ticket buyer data secure at all times.

Your Next Steps

If your event doesn’t run smoothly, you might not be able to hold another one! That’s why choosing the right online ticketing provider is so important. However, simply selling tickets isn’t enough. You need more help to ensure your agritourism event is successful. Why work with multiple vendors when you can work with one that offers all of the services and support you need?

The best choice is to find one vendor who truly understands your event, wants it to be successful, and has the tools, services, and expertise needed to help you reach your goals, so you can hold your agritourism event – and profit from it – again and again. AttendStar is the solution!

If you’re ready to learn more about how AttendStar can help you sell tickets to your agritourism event and make it as successful as possible – and memorable for the right reasons – contact AttendStar President and Founder Gary Bradshaw at 615-223-1973 or use the Contact Us Form.