Introducing the AttendStar Client Success Team

attendstar client success team

In my last blog post, I explained how automation alone can’t make your events successful. Instead, it’s the right blend of technology coupled with the creativity of the human mind, which creates successful events. AttendStar is taking some very exciting steps to bring the perfect blend of automation and the human touch to our clients to help them hold the most successful events possible.

We began by building UTM tracking (the Industry Standard) directly into the AttendStar software, so that our clients can track all their digital marketing results in a single location. With the addition of this feature, our clients now have access to reports that provide accurate data as well as recommendations and explanations for why those recommendations will benefit the event. No more wondering what all of the data means! AttendStar is telling our clients, so they can make better decisions and drive better results.

In addition, we’ve built a Client Success Team to better support our clients throughout all stages of the event planning process!

The Benefits of the Client Success Team

The role of the Client Success Team is highly focused – to support our clients in holding successful events. To that end, the Client Success Team will be tasked with monitoring our clients’ activities as they progress through the different stages of event organization to ensure the right things are happening at the right times.

event stages

For your event to be successful, someone needs to be continuously monitoring your event, but we know many of you don’t have the time to do it. We also understand that your expertise might not be in event organization. Don’t worry! That’s what the AttendStar Client Success Team is here for.

At each stage of your event, the Client Success Team will make sure you’re on track for success. When you contact the Client Success Team, they’ll have instant access to not just the event stage you’re in but also to critical data about how many tickets you’ve sold, how much money you’ve spent on promotion, and more.

At the same time, the Client Success Team will be monitoring your event’s progress behind the scenes. If they notice an opportunity or problem, they’ll contact you to discuss it. Not only will the Client Success Team tell you what you should do to make your event more successful, but they’ll also tell you why you should do it. No other online ticketing provider offers this level of service and commitment to your event’s success!

Blending Automation with a Human Touch

The Client Success Team helps you leverage AttendStar’s automation and technology with the added bonus of allowing you to interacting with real people and the creativity innate to the human mind. It’s AttendStar’s “secret sauce” to hitting the sweet spot that truly drives event success.

attendstar human tech blend

Don’t be fooled by the idea that a ticketing company alone will sell out your event. That will almost never happen. You have to commit to using the platform and all of the tools it connects with. It’s the human involvement that will either make or break your event, and that’s where AttendStar really shines!

The Client Success Team looks at your reports and tells you what matters. They’ll make recommendations, and if you take action based on those recommendations, the success of your event should improve. It’s a winning solution for all of your events!

Your Next Steps

Remember, success is about more than just technology, and software applications won’t sell tickets by itself. You need the right blend of technology, a human touch, and creativity for your events to be truly successful. AttendStar can help you do it.

If you’re ready to work with AttendStar and the Client Success Team to make your next event as successful as possible, call us at 615-823-1164 or fill out the contact form to get started.