Here’s New Proof that AttendStar is Not Like Other Ticketing Providers

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With the New Year in full swing and the polar vortex finally moving away from many of us across the country, it’s the perfect time to hunker down and put our strategic thinking hats on for 2019.

Here at AttendStar, that meant it was time to reflect on the amazing experiences we shared with our clients, the people we worked with, and the events we attended throughout 2018. I continue to meet so many of you personally and see much of the country while I attend as many events as I can, and it makes me love this business more than ever. I’m constantly reminded of why I started AttendStar nine years ago.

As the AttendStar team reviewed 2018, we also reflected on several vendors that really let us down. Not only was it financially draining to have vendors promise things and not come through, it was also mentally draining. It made me more determined than ever to never treat my clients that way.

One of the things those experiences led us to identify during our review (and something that I think about all the time) is that AttendStar isn’t just a ticketing company. Yes, we provide event organizers with an amazing tool to sell tickets, but there are a lot of ticketing companies out there. You could replace one with another on any given day without skipping a beat because they all offer a tool and leave it up to you to use it.

But AttendStar is different.

The Big Realization

When a client decides to use AttendStar to ticketing their event, that event immediately becomes a project for our Client Success Team. We all know about the event and add it to our project board with specific milestones, owners, and activities that should be completed every step of the way – all the way through the event date.

We work with our clients to make sure they’re using the tools in the software in the right ways to save time and boost ticket sales. We help our clients identify potential problems and leverage promotional opportunities. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but bottom-line, we’re different from other ticketing companies because we help our clients be successful both through the features of our software and through our relationships with them.

This realization led me on a search for a CRM (client relationship management) tool that the AttendStar team can use to manage the ticketing process for our clients in the most effective way. While other ticketing companies probably use CRM tools for prospecting and turning leads into customers, we wanted a CRM tool that would allow us to help our clients through their entire ticketing experience and beyond.

After some exhaustive testing and research, we chose a CRM software that does what we want it to. In fact, the process was so painful that I thought I was going crazy.

Picking the right software was critical to your success and ours, so we had to be really careful and look at every single detail. Your events have many phases and tasks that need to be accomplished as your event gets closer, so a tool that only did part of what we need and you need wouldn’t be good enough.

We looked at several companies, and what I learned after a full month of researching and testing was that everyone just wanted to sell me their software without caring if it was the right fit for my needs.

I never want to do that to my clients. I always want to be certain that AttendStar is the right fit for our clients, because if it’s not, you’ll be unhappy. That doesn’t help you or AttendStar!

What Does All of This Mean for You?

After conducting my own painful software search, I have a new appreciation for how much you depend on me to get things right, which brings me to something new here at AttendStar for 2019 that I hope you’ll love.

AttendStar will begin using its CRM tool to take a more active role in your events and help you throughout your relationship with us. When you choose a ticketing software, you don’t buy and disappear – although that’s how other ticketing software providers treat you. Instead, your relationship with AttendStar begins when you choose us.

When you create an event using the AttendStar software, your event becomes a project for us with dozens of things that we do during the four to five months leading up to your event to maximize ticket sales and the success of your event, such as helping you:

  • Create your ticket sales page and event website
  • Tweak your ticket descriptions
  • Write legal disclaimers
  • Design graphics and make copy edits
  • Send marketing email messages
  • Support your Facebook and other digital advertising strategies

That small list is just a sample of the things the AttendStar team does to support your event. Importantly, we even monitor the progress of your ticket sales and call you to offer recommendations on things you can do to improve sales.

As part of our ongoing relationship with you, we’ll work with you (and even do it for you when we can) to help you sell as many tickets as possible.

Why are we doing this?

We get paid when our clients sell tickets, so it just makes sense to give you as much support as we can.

The truth is we’ve always worked this way, but moving forward it will be the core of the AttendStar brand for one simple reason – we truly are different than other ticketing software providers and we need to spread that message and live it publicly.

Eventbrite and other ticketing companies have a churn and burn mentality – they don’t even know if you leave them in search of a different ticketing provider. That’s not how it works at AttendStar.

With that said, we also recognize that AttendStar is not the right fit for every event. We’ve redesigned our sales process so a software-event fit analysis is done up-front to ensure the software will fit your needs. Again, we want our clients to be happy, and we understand if we’re not right for your event. Hopefully, we’ll be right for your next one!

What’s Next?

At the end of the day, you need to sell tickets to hold a successful event. Using the right ticketing software certainly helps, but the right people and the right process makes an even bigger difference.

Software can only do so much. You still need people who care.

That’s what AttendStar is all about. Doing things differently has been my goal since I started AttendStar nearly a decade ago. How many other ticketing companies have the head of the company (like me) on the ground at clients’ events to ensure things go as smoothly as possible? Based on my experience, AttendStar is the only one, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

By redesigning how we work with our clients using a CRM tool that guides everyone through every step of the ticketing and attendance process, we can help clients whose events are the right fit for our software and our services. That way everyone is happy.

At the same time, we’re doing a major core software upgrade to the latest version of our programming language and database, which will allow us to add some highly requested features and bring the fastest performance and security enhancements. In other words, when you work with AttendStar, you get a leading ticketing software and ticketing sales and audience management support that no other ticketing company offers.

Suffice it to say, 2019 is going to be an exciting year, and we look forward to partnering with our old clients and with new ones to ticket successful events throughout the year.

Feel free to contact me directly at 615-823-1164 to learn more about AttendStar’s software and services and to see if your next event is the right fit to fully benefit from working with us.