Event Marketing: Why You Need to Advertise on Facebook – Not Just Boost Posts

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The explosion of social media networks over the past decade has undoubtedly changed the world of event marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become increasingly powerful and indispensable channels for marketing a successful event.

But over the past few years, we’ve noticed that there’s one common misconception that is causing many event marketers to leave a lot of tickets on the table when it comes to promoting their events on Facebook.

The misconception is that many people think boosting a post on Facebook is the same thing as advertising on Facebook, when in fact they are two completely different things!

Use Facebook Ads Manager and Sell out Your Events

Yes, being active in your Facebook event page and boosting posts does matter, don’t get me wrong. But the real power to reach new audiences, engage with potential customers, and sell out your events lies within Facebook Ads Manager.

With Ads Manager, you can unlock Facebook’s full arsenal of marketing tools. Seven of the most powerful tools you should use include:

1. Increase Awareness of Your Event

It’s easy to reach new customers who are similar to your past customers by using Facebook’s “Lookalike” audience feature. You can upload a list of your previous event attendees’ email addresses, and Facebook will automatically show your ads to people who have similar characteristics as your past attendees.

2. 10X Your Facebook Event Responses

Using Ads Manager’s native event marketing capabilities, you can increase engagement with your ads and sell more tickets.

3. Make Your Marketing Dollars Go Further

Integrating the Facebook Pixel into your digital marketing allows you to develop remarketing campaigns that sell tickets at an average ROI of 7X.

4. Develop Hyper-focused Audiences

You’ll sell more tickets when the right people see your event ads. You can significantly improve your advertising results by using the demographic, interest, and geographic targeting capabilities of Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.

5. Reach People Where They Are

Ensure your ads are displayed on the social media platforms your audience is using without wasting time creating and publishing ads for individual platforms by managing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many other popular websites and mobile apps directly in the Facebook Ads Manager.

6. Re-engage Potential Customers

Use the retargeting features built into Facebook Ads Manager to show your ads to people who have already shown interest in your event by visiting your website, Facebook Page, or ticket sales page.

7. Optimize Your Sales Strategy

Facebook provides a variety of incredibly detailed performance data and analysis reports that you can use to increase sales and maximize the returns on your advertising investments.

Key Takeaways about Using Facebook Ads Manager for Event Marketing

In summary, Ads Manager allows event marketers to turn Facebook into a high-converting sales channel, enabling them to sell out their events faster, and for less!

About the Author

AttendStar Certified AgencyAltitude Social Media, an AttendStar certified partner agency, specializes in event marketing via Facebook Ads Manager. They’ve helped dramatically increase the reach, awareness, and ticket sales for countless Attendstar-ticketed events and would love to talk to you about how they could do the same for yours.