How to Find the Right Ticketing Service for Your Fair

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For any outdoor fair to be successful, people must be able to easily buy tickets online before the event date. But how do you know which online ticketing provider is right for your fair? What do you look for to make the best choice?

The key to making the right decision for your fair is to interview each ticketing provider you consider using. They are not all equal, and some are much better for large outdoor events than others.

For example, while AttendStar was built for large outdoor events like fairs, concerts, festivals, air shows, and concerts, other ticketing platforms were not. As a result, other platforms don’t give you access to the tools and features you need in order to sell enough tickets and ensure your event is a success.

To help you choose the right ticketing service for your fair, here are five of the most important questions you should ask during your interview process:

1. How Much Do I Have to Pay out of Pocket?

You need to fully understand all fees that the ticketing service charges, so you can accurately forecast your earnings and allocate your budget accordingly. There should be no surprises.

With that in mind, ask each ticketing service exactly how much you’ll need to pay throughout the entire process. Here are some questions to help you:

  • What are your fees per ticket sold?
  • Can I include the ticketing fees in my ticket prices so I pay nothing out of pocket?
  • Are there any other fees aside from the per ticket fees like setup fees, transfer fees, support fees, and so on?

2. How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get the Money I Earn on Ticket Sales?

If you can’t get the money you earn on ticket sales before your fair, then you may not have the budget needed to effectively promote your event and drive more ticket sales as the event date gets closer. You also may not have enough money to pay your bills, including vendors that require advance payments.

Ideally, you should only work with a ticketing service that deposits revenue from your fair’s ticket sales to your bank account every day regardless of the dollar amount (i.e., no payment thresholds or fees).

3. What Kind of Support Do You Offer to Me and Fair Organizers?

What happens if you have problems with your fair’s ticketing? How can you get help? Make sure you ask this question to every ticketing service provider that you consider working with. You want to work with a company that provides phone support as well as email and/or chat support.

Without a doubt, phone support should be a deal breaker. If a ticketing provider can’t help you via phone, don’t work with that company. That’s because when it comes to ticket sales for a large fair, you may not get a second chance to be successful. When you need help, you need to have peace of mind that help from your ticketing provider is just a phone call away.

4. Can I Sell More than One Type of Ticket? What about Ticket Add-ons?

Simply selling one type of ticket at one price point limits your ability to maximize revenue that you’ll need to pay bills and to hold the fair again in the future.

That means your ticketing service must give you the ability to create different ticket types to meet the needs of a variety of audiences. This includes, but isn’t limited to, bulk tickets, VIP tickets, tickets with add-on food or drink coupons, tickets with add-on merchandise, and more.

5. What if Ticket Buyers have Questions? What Support Do You Give Attendees?

If people have problems buying tickets, it’s imperative that the ticketing service you use offers ticket buyer support. This is particularly important when call volumes from attendees skyrockets in the days leading up to your event.

Look for a ticketing platform like AttendStar that not only handles all ticketing-related calls from ticket buyers for you but also does it at no extra charge.

Key Takeaways to Choose the Right Ticketing Service for Your Fair

Don’t settle for a ticketing service because you’ve heard of it before or know someone who used it for a different event without any major complaints. Instead, do your research, conduct some interviews, and choose the ticketing platform that is the perfect fit for your fair.

If you have questions about ticketing your upcoming fair, contact me directly at or call (615) 823-1164.