6 Ways to Plan for the Future of Your Events with AttendStar

plan for future events

There is no arguing the fact that 2020 has been the most challenging year for the event industry in recent history. COVID-19 changed everything we do, and for months, the future of events looked very bleak.

The good news is we’re starting to see small glimmers of hope for the future. In-person events are coming back on a smaller scale and with added safety measures in some parts of the country. It appears there will be a future for in-person events after all.

But what do we do now? Until there is a vaccine for coronavirus, events like we knew them won’t return. How do we plan for the future when we’re still living in the middle of a pandemic?

The most important thing to remember is that when events come back – and they will – we need to hit a home run and try to make up for 2020. It’s easy to procrastinate now, but it’s hard to catch up later. You don’t want to find yourself behind when the small glimmers of hope we’re seeing today broaden into larger rays of light (and opportunity) tomorrow.

It’s much better to get a great feeling knowing that you’re planning now then it will be to stress later!

How AttendStar is Planning for the Future

Here at AttendStar, we’re taking advantage of this very bad time to plan new features that will make our clients happier when they return than ever.

We’ve also decided to limit our events in 2021, so we can spend more time on each one and improve on our People as a Service (PaaS) concept.

What does PaaS mean? It’s about being people-centric, not technology-centric.

Most ticketing companies expect the software to do everything and for you to just use the software. That’s not good enough for us. It’s our people that make the difference between AttendStar and other ticketing providers. We work with you to ensure your event is a success, which is something you won’t find anywhere else. That’s PaaS.

How We Can Plan for the Future Together

In addition to launching new features, we’ve been thinking about how we can work directly with our clients to prepare for the future – together. Already, we’ve put together six ways. Some of these are new features or capabilities, and others are simply ways to give our clients peace-of-mind as we navigate the coming months together.

  1. Use Our Box Office Software: Start talking with us now, and use our Box Office software for free to help make up a little bit of lost revenue for your event.
  2. Lock in Your Position: Contact us and lock in your position with AttendStar because we only accept a certain number of events per weekend in order to provide the best service (that’s PaaS in action).
  3. Use the Free “Should I Hold My Event? Survey” Tool: Whether you’re an AttendStar client already or not, you can use the free Should I Hold My Event? Survey to collect data that will help you decide if it’s the right time to hold your event.
  4. Don’t Worry about Cancellations: If your event cancels or postpones, you pay AttendStar nothing.
  5. Get Sponsors: Today, sponsors are more important than ever, so talk with us about how to get more sponsors for your events.
  6. Use the Shareable Planning Tool: Major events now have access to a shareable planning tool through the AttendStar platform. Contact us to reserve your spot.

We Must Plan for the Future Even Though It’s Hard

As a company focused on events that has seen business evaporate in 2020, we know and feel your pain, but planning must continue. Even if in-person events don’t rebound until 2022, we can use the plans we make today when events make a comeback.

In other words, planning today isn’t wasted time. In fact, it’s more important than ever because it’s what can set you up to knock your next event out of the park when it finally happens. Get in touch with me and the entire AttendStar team and let’s plan for the future together!