Introducing the Free Should I Hold My Event? Survey

should i hold my event survey

As the world starts to re-open, event organizers everywhere are wondering if they should hold events or not. Is it too early? Will people come? What safety procedures do they expect and which will prevent them from attending?

Now, you can find out the answers to those questions and more using AttendStar’s free Should I Hold My Event? Survey tool!

Whether you’re an AttendStar client or not, you can use the Should I Hold My Event? Survey to collect valuable data that will help you decide whether or not it’s the right time to hold your event.

When you add performer costs and the costs of putting on an event, your profit is typically in the last 20% of ticket sales. That means selling 50% of capacity isn’t good enough for most events!

Data from the Should I Hold My Event? Survey can help you make the go or no-go decision.

SUCCESS TIP: Send the survey out a few times before your event (try 60 days apart) as people’s attitudes towards COVID-19 and local restrictions evolve.

You can take the sample survey to get a feel for the types of questions here:

All survey data from your audience will be emailed to you three days and seven days after your survey is sent. Just email your list to AttendStar and we’ll send your survey out for you OR we can create a custom survey for you that you can send as a link in your own email messages.

It’s easy and don’t forget, it’s free!

Ready to get started? Email or call (615) 823-1164, and let’s get the data you need!