Help is here

2020 was hard on all of us in the events business.  Just like you, we at AttendStar have been struggling in every way.  Our fairs, air shows, and concerts have all been affected.

As we start into 2021, we want to help you recover - and you can help us recover!  We have budgeted $120,000 in services to help fairs bounce back from a difficult year.  This includes services like:

  • We will donate a percentage of our ticketing to your fair. This can be
    from 25% to 100% donated, based on need.
  • We will donate 50% to 100% of any ticketing we do for buildings you rent out.

To learn more, call Tyler on our team.  He is happy to share more information and set a time for us to talk. Tyler can be reached at (314)300-5450.