Introducing the Free Should I Hold My Event? Survey

should i hold my event survey

As the world starts to re-open, event organizers everywhere are wondering if they should hold events or not. Is it too early? Will people come? What safety procedures do they expect and which will prevent them from attending? Now, you can find out the answers to those questions and more using AttendStar’s free Should I…

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A Guide to Implementing UTMs On Your Own

Implementing UTM

  Since you’re here, you’re probably a programmer who would like to understand the exact process and steps required to put together your own UTM Event Strategy and then organize and create all the individual UTMs necessary to conduct a campaign.   If you’re not, feel free to go back to the article that originally…

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What Event Marketing Activities Actually Worked

event marketing activities

How to Learn Which Promotion Tactics Drive Event Marketing ROI   If you’re spending money on event marketing activities to increase ticket sales and revenue, then you need to know which of those marketing investments are actually working. In other words, you need data to calculate your event marketing ROI. Without data, you won’t know…

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