How to Choose the Right Ticket Scanner App for Your Event

ticket scanner app

There are several different ways that you can check people into your event at the doors or gate. Gone are the days of having to manually check people’s names off of printed lists. Today, event entry is much more efficient and faster thanks to ticket scanner apps. In fact, choosing the right ticket scanner app…

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How to Get Volunteers to Help at Your Event

event volunteers

It doesn’t matter if your event is large or small, chances are you’ll need help and you might not be able to pay for all of that help. That’s where volunteers come into the picture! With some effective planning, good leadership, and fantastic communications, you can build a team of volunteers who will help you…

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Event Metrics You Should Be Tracking and Why

event metrics tracking

There are a variety of event metrics you should track in order to sell more tickets and to ensure your event will be a success. Fortunately, with the right tools and ticketing software, you can collect and analyze large amounts of data related to the success of your event in a short amount of time.…

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How to Find the Right Artist for Your Event

find the right artist

If you need to book a performer for your event, then you need to make sure you find the right artist. Finding that artist will require time, research, and negotiating. It’s usually not a quick and easy process. With that in mind, it’s important to start your search for the right artist for your event…

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5 Things Event Organizers Do Wrong at the Door or Gate

event organizers door gate

For your event to be successful, you need to have an efficient process in place for ticket buyers to enter. If the wait is too long, people will be unhappy. They’ll start sharing their displeasure on social media almost immediately, and their complaints will continue even after your event is over. If you ever hope…

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How to Book an Artist for Your Event

Book an artist for event

If you’re planning to hold an event that requires a performer, then you need to learn how to book an artist for your event the right way. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand the artist booking process, you could end up booking the wrong artist or paying too much for an artist. There is a lot…

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5 Reasons Why Events Fail

The key to a successful event is ticket sales, yet many event organizers continue to make five common mistakes that hurt ticket sales. These are the top reasons why events fail. The good news is you can avoid making these mistakes! The first step to ensuring your event doesn’t fail is to set your event…

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