Dynamic Ticket Pricing – Pros and Cons for Event Ticketing

Dynamic ticket pricing isn’t a new concept. Airlines have been using dynamic ticket pricing for years with a simple goal – to optimize the balance between earnings and capacity. That $300 plane ticket you bought may have cost the person in the seat next to you just $99. As consumers, we’ve grown to accept that’s…

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Top 5 Benefits of Managing Fair Ticket Sales Online

Managing fair ticket sales online makes the entire process of selling, refunding, and promoting easier than ever, and it’s extremely affordable if you find the best fair ticketing provider for your fair. While there are many benefits to managing fair ticket sales online, there are five that most fair organizers can’t live without: flexibility, automation,…

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5 Creative Ticketing Tricks to Sell More Fair Tickets

Sometimes you need to get creative to maximize fair ticket sales. Fortunately, AttendStar has been ticketing large outdoor events for a long time, and we’ve learned some tricks along the way – tricks that we’ve seen work really well to boost ticket sales. To help you get the most from your efforts, try one or…

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Fair Ticketing Trends Shaping 2020 and Beyond

fair ticketing trends

What trends are shaping the future of fair ticketing? For those fairs still in the planning stage, the COVID-19 virus is making technology work one of the hottest topics, and fair organizers that get on board with new tech trends will position their events for huge success in the future. Three of the fair ticketing…

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How to Find the Right Ticketing Service for Your Fair

ticketing service fair

For any outdoor fair to be successful, people must be able to easily buy tickets online before the event date. But how do you know which online ticketing provider is right for your fair? What do you look for to make the best choice? The key to making the right decision for your fair is…

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