What’s Hot in Festival Event Planning and Promotion in 2018?

The outdoor festival season is quickly approaching, and as the weather improves, people will start looking for music festivals, renaissance festivals, and more that they want to attend. The key to building a buzz about your festival and motivating people to buy tickets is to understand what’s hot in festival event planning and promotion this…

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How to Find Music Festival Sponsors

music festival sponsors

  Organizing a music festival can be fun and exciting, but you need to have access to money to do it. To hold a successful music festival, the finances have to work. You can’t rely on ticket revenue (if you’re charging for tickets) when ticket sales don’t start until weeks before the event but you…

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How to Promote a Festival

how to promote a festival

  Festivals are a great way to entertain large crowds, but all festivals must be well promoted to be successful — whether they feature local artists or world famous musicians or they’re focused around a hobby or common interest. I’m often asked how to promote a festival, and fortunately, there are some easy ways to…

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How to Book a Musician

How to book an artist

Being involved in the music industry can be a very exciting thing to do. When you are working as an event manager, you will be dealing with artists one on one. Booking musicians can seem like a difficult thing to do if you have never done it before. However, with just a little bit of…

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Scannable Parking Passes


At AttendStar we’re always looking for new ideas and features to make our online ticketing software better. Many times, those new ideas come directly from our event managers. Our newest feature, scannable parking passes, comes as a request from one of our air show clients. We think it’s a fantastic new feature that will make…

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Festival Promotion

A large crowd at a music festival

Small Ideas for Big Success It could easily be said that right now, somewhere around the world, there is a festival going on. The same holds true for festival planning. At the moment one festival ends, another is being planned somewhere else. As one festival starts planning, another is often already underway for its sequel…

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