Event Happiness and Success Checklist for Event Organizers

event happiness and success checklist

When you choose AttendStar as your event ticketing platform, you’ll have all of the tools that you need to successfully sell tickets. That’s because AttendStar invests heavily in providing not just the technical features you need but also the human touch that truly makes a difference in your ticket sales and your happiness. This is…

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How to Plan a Successful Christian Concert

christian concert ebook

I’m excited to announce that AttendStar has released a new FREE 12-step guide, How to Plan a Successful Christian Concert. I wrote this guide exclusively for non-professional event planners after hearing from so many Christian event organizers that they need this resource! If your ministry is counting on you to make its upcoming concert successful,…

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The Ultimate 12-Month Event Planning Checklist

event planning checklist

If you’re not a professional event planner and you’re asked to organize a large (or small) event, the task can seem completely overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you do and when? There are so many moving parts and pieces to planning an event, but with a comprehensive event planning checklist, you can smoothly…

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