Event Budget Planning

event budget planning

Event budget planning might seem intimidating, but it really just takes some time and research to come up with projected costs for everything you need to hold a successful event. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that an event budget is a working document. That means you’ll continually update it…

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How to Get Millennials to Buy Event Tickets

millennials event tickets

More than 80 million Americans are between the ages of 18 and 34 putting them in the millennial generation. The most recent census data shows that millennials are the largest generation living in the United States accounting for one-fourth of the population, and this statistic will rise to one-third by 2020. For event organizers, millennials…

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Event Marketing Tips

event marketing tips

It doesn’t matter how many events you’ve organized, event marketing is never easy, and for people who have never organized an event before, event marketing can be completely overwhelming? Where do you start? Social media marketing? Email marketing? Advertising? Where? When? The list of questions goes on and on. Fortunately, event marketing gets much easier…

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How to Create Your Event Brand

event brand

Why should people use their hard-earned money to buy a ticket to your event and spend their valuable time attending that event? What does your event promise to attendees? Your answers to these questions are the essence of your event brand. In simplest terms, a brand is a promise to consumers. Over time, the visual…

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What Event Marketing Activities Actually Worked

event marketing activities

How to Learn Which Promotion Tactics Drive Event Marketing ROI   If you’re spending money on event marketing activities to increase ticket sales and revenue, then you need to know which of those marketing investments are actually working. In other words, you need data to calculate your event marketing ROI. Without data, you won’t know…

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Secrets to Turn Event Reminder Emails into Ticket Sales

event reminder emails

There are two main reasons why you should send event reminder emails leading up to your event. First, you want to remind people who haven’t purchased tickets yet to do so, and second, you want to remind people who have purchased tickets when and where the event will be held and motivate them to spread…

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How to Fill Your Event Management and Event Marketing Jobs

event marketing jobs

If you’re organizing an event for a mid-size or large audience, you definitely need help. There are simply too many tasks and moving parts and pieces to keep everything straight by yourself. However, it can be challenging to find the right people to fill your open event management and event marketing jobs. In fact, your…

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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

Promoting your events through social media event marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to generate ticket sales. The truth is that if you build it (i.e., an event website and ticket sales page), they won’t come. That’s the reality of the internet. There are simply so many websites out there today that…

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