Ticket Printing Services with AttendStar

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Ticket Printing Services We may be a little biased, but here at AttendStar we think online ticketing is great! However, we know that sometimes it’s not enough just to offer online tickets to your event. Sometimes your customers want the ability to purchase tickets at their local church, school, or other business. That’s why we…

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Best WordPress Event Themes


Best WordPress Event Themes If you’re a WordPress user and want to compare and contrast the latest event themes for your site, there are a few worth mentioning that we can look at. WordPress is a popular free, open-source content management system that global users can make use of as an efficient platform. Whether you…

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Tiered Ticketing – Sell Early to Sell More

Concert Promotion Idea

This is not going to be a long post, because the idea is so simple. Ever since I started promoting concerts back in 1979 I learned one simple truth. The longer people have tickets in hand the more people they tell about the event.  So get those tickets in the hands of people early. So…

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Social Discounts: The Modern Street Team

Social Discounts for ticket sales

AttendStar is INCREDIBLY THRILLED to bring you one of our newest and most unique features, SOCIAL DISCOUNTS! Now, event managers can sell more tickets to their events without any extra effort, their ticket buyers do all the work for them! We’ve all heard the benefits of social media marketing by now; how it created consumer…

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Event Activities All Around Your Event

event checklist

For the past few years, we have really tried to find a way to correlate all the activities that occur around each event that event managers work so hard on to sell tickets. Over the last 30-some years of event management that I can remember, we have been just doing educated guesstimates or “shooting from…

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Offline Ticket Sales

While every ticketing company knows events are local in nature none has been willing to help you track your sales. Until now. AttendStar though it’s novel Activities feature has created  a new Type called Offline Sales.  All you do is select this new Type and in the Impressions/tickets box enter your current TOTAL Offline Sales…

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Technology Update


Our iPhone, iPad and Android apps have been solid performers and only have undergone a few changes. Our Amazon web hosting continues to be an excellent choice.  Our new apps include AttendStar Local, an onsite ticket sales tool that can be used at a box office or even at area stores that are acting as…

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Using Text Message Marketing to push Your Ticket Sale

Text Message Ticket Marketing

Technology has rapidly improved during the last few years and this has undoubtedly helped us in more ways than one. We have been provided with a new and effective approach to communication: Short Message Services (SMS). SMS, or text messaging for most, is among the most widely used means of communication around the world. Billions…

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How to Promote Your Next Event Online

Promote events online

A way to make your event known to as many people as possible is by posting it online. It is an easier and more efficient way of reaching out to people and it has a better impact on them. There are many sites that you can post your event or you can even create your…

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How to promote your event using social media

In today’s society, technology is used vastly on a daily basis. If someone does not have a computer or smart phone, we refer to them as being in “the dark ages”. Precisely 53% of American adults have a smart phone. Of those, 53% smart phone owners, 44% of them use their smart phone to access…

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