Event Ticketing Analytics and Selling Tickets Online

Event Analytics

The online ticket market generates $4 billion in revenue globally, according to IBISWorld. You want your events to get as much of that income as possible, but your ticket sales are falling short of your goals. Event ticketing analytics solutions give you a powerful optimization tool to boost your attendee numbers. These applications look at…

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Ticket Scanning 101

Ticket Scanning

You must be wondering why ticket scanning with AttendStar would be a good idea. Other than the fact that our scanners are totally awesome looking, they’re pretty functional and can give you great insight into your event. Scanning an AttendStar ticket validates a ticket, meaning it checks to make sure if the ticket is real…

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The Infamous Abandoned Shopping Cart

Sell tickets

So what does the infamous abandoned shopping cart mean? This means a ticket buyer starts to buy tickets and at some point in the process, they abandon the purchase for any reason. It could be a perfectly good reason or it could be a very bad reason. Good reasons: How much are tickets? Any hidden fees?…

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Yahoo Changes to Email Policy

Over the last 48 hours the Yahoo.com domain has implemented a change in its DMARC policy. DMARC, which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance” is an email authentication policy record that aims to prevent from address spoofing. The change in this policy implemented by Yahoo means that any email message that uses a…

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Offline Ticket Sales

While every ticketing company knows events are local in nature none has been willing to help you track your sales. Until now. AttendStar though it’s novel Activities feature has created  a new Type called Offline Sales.  All you do is select this new Type and in the Impressions/tickets box enter your current TOTAL Offline Sales…

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Technology Update


Our iPhone, iPad and Android apps have been solid performers and only have undergone a few changes. Our Amazon web hosting continues to be an excellent choice.  Our new apps include AttendStar Local, an onsite ticket sales tool that can be used at a box office or even at area stores that are acting as…

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Using Text Message Marketing to push Your Ticket Sale

Text Message Ticket Marketing

Technology has rapidly improved during the last few years and this has undoubtedly helped us in more ways than one. We have been provided with a new and effective approach to communication: Short Message Services (SMS). SMS, or text messaging for most, is among the most widely used means of communication around the world. Billions…

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Update To Our App Store App!

Update:  As of 5/4/2020 we now use Code Readr to scan tickets.  For more information call or email us.   Hello again everyone! It’s Stephen from Engineering here to tell you about our new update to AttendStar Check-in, the app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that allows you to scan AttendStar tickets right from your…

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