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2020 was hard on all of us in the events business.  Just like you, we at AttendStar have been struggling in every way.  Our fairs, air shows, and concerts have all been affected. As we start into 2021, we want to help you recover – and you can help us recover!  We have budgeted $120,000…

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Event Trend Watch – The Growing Use of Drones at Events

drones at events

The use of drones at events is becoming more common every day. In fact, drones are one of the hottest event tech trends, and they’re being used in a wide variety of creative ways at all kinds of events. From indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones are providing entertainment, advertising, security, and more.   While drones…

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Learn the Code that Boosts Your Marketing R.O.I. & Ticket Sales

UTM Tracking

  Peter Drucker, one of the greatest marketing minds around, once said, “what gets measured gets managed.” So, if you’re not tracking how each of your marketing and advertising investments are driving the ticket sales for your event, you’re wasting money and losing sales… it’s that simple.   Now, if this sounds really complicated, you’re…

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How Performers Can Book Their Own Shows

performers book shows

As a performer, booking your own shows can be a daunting task. It’s rarely easy, and it’s almost always time-consuming. For every 100 inquiries you make, you could get 99 rejections, but that one gig that you do land can make all the difference in the world. While that gig is unlikely to skyrocket your…

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Best WordPress Event Themes


Best WordPress Event Themes If you’re a WordPress user and want to compare and contrast the latest event themes for your site, there are a few worth mentioning that we can look at. WordPress is a popular free, open-source content management system that global users can make use of as an efficient platform. Whether you…

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Ticket Sales Page Visitor Capture

We have always know for a FACT that 2 – 5 times more people visit your ticket sales page than actually buy tickets. With our new Ticket Sales Page Visitor capture banner we are looking for ways to invite your prospects back to actually BUY.  We first went after this concept with REMIND ME and…

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Technology Update


Our iPhone, iPad and Android apps have been solid performers and only have undergone a few changes. Our Amazon web hosting continues to be an excellent choice.  Our new apps include AttendStar Local, an onsite ticket sales tool that can be used at a box office or even at area stores that are acting as…

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When Events Go Bad

What happens when events go bad. And they do. It’s part of the event business. What we do here at AttendStar is amazing, at least think so. First, if you used AttendStar Payment Processing we refund all the ticket price AND ticket fees to all attendees. Next, if we printed your hard tickets, we give…

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