Fair Ticketing Trends Shaping 2020 and Beyond

fair ticketing trends

What trends are shaping the future of fair ticketing? For those fairs still in the planning stage, the COVID-19 virus is making technology work one of the hottest topics, and fair organizers that get on board with new tech trends will position their events for huge success in the future. Three of the fair ticketing…

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6 Ways to Plan for the Future of Your Events with AttendStar

plan for future events

There is no arguing the fact that 2020 has been the most challenging year for the event industry in recent history. COVID-19 changed everything we do, and for months, the future of events looked very bleak. The good news is we’re starting to see small glimmers of hope for the future. In-person events are coming…

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Coronavirus Economic Relief for Businesses in the Event Industry

coronavirus economic relief event industry

The coronavirus crisis has had a far-reaching effect on the event industry, and many businesses that rely on in-person events to generate revenue are struggling as a result of stay-at-home orders across the country. Fortunately, some programs that offer financial support to businesses have been launched. If your events-related business needs financial help, one or…

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How to Find the Right Ticketing Service for Your Fair

ticketing service fair

For any outdoor fair to be successful, people must be able to easily buy tickets online before the event date. But how do you know which online ticketing provider is right for your fair? What do you look for to make the best choice? The key to making the right decision for your fair is…

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How to Use Facebook Marketing to Sell More Event Tickets

facebook marketing sell event tickets

Facebook marketing can help events of all sizes raise awareness, boost word-of-mouth, and sell more tickets. In fact, data shows that you can use Facebook Ads to sell more tickets to your events and do it more effectively than you can with many other marketing channel. To help event organizers understand the power of Facebook…

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Event Marketing: Why You Need to Advertise on Facebook – Not Just Boost Posts

facebook ads manager

The explosion of social media networks over the past decade has undoubtedly changed the world of event marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become increasingly powerful and indispensable channels for marketing a successful event. But over the past few years, we’ve noticed that there’s one common misconception that is causing many event marketers…

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What Fundraising Event Is Right for Your Campaign?

fundraising event

Deciding to host a fundraising event for your campaign is a simple step compared to deciding exactly what type of fundraising event to host when the time comes to get started planning. You’ve probably noticed that the possibilities are endless when it comes to fundraising events. From the low-cost to the high-budget, the easily thrown…

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