How to Sell More Event Tickets with Abandoned Cart Email Marketing

What happens to people who visit your event’s ticket sales page, put tickets in their shopping carts, but leave without completing their transactions? Their behaviors show that they were very interested in your event, but something stopped them from taking the final steps to buy. Don’t let them get away! Instead, re-engage them using abandoned…

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How to Use Drip Email Marketing to Promote Your Events

drip email marketing events

Set it and forget it marketing – how does that sound to you? We’ve worked with so many event organizers over the years, and the majority of them have something in common. They’re extremely busy and need easy ways to promote their events and sell more tickets. Automation is the perfect way to do it!…

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How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Events

Email marketing has been proven to be one of the best ways to promote products, services, and events. In fact, email marketing is more effective at generating sales than search engine marketing and social media marketing, so it’s essential that email marketing is included in your event marketing plan. Research has found that 4.24% of visitors…

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The Most Important Event Email Marketing Campaign

event email marketing campaign

The most important event email marketing campaign that you should use for every event you sell tickets to is a cart abandonment campaign. This type of email marketing campaign is referred to as remarketing because it gives you an opportunity to promote your event to people who have already expressed interest in it. For shopping…

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Secrets to Turn Event Reminder Emails into Ticket Sales

event reminder emails

There are two main reasons why you should send event reminder emails leading up to your event. First, you want to remind people who haven’t purchased tickets yet to do so, and second, you want to remind people who have purchased tickets when and where the event will be held and motivate them to spread…

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5 Ways to Get Ticket Buyers to Engage Before Your Event

engage before event

One of the most effective ways to increase ticket sales for your events is to engage ticket buyers in the days and weeks leading up to the event. There are a couple of reasons why engaging with people who have already purchased tickets can help you sell even more tickets. First, when ticket buyers become…

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How to Use Email Remarketing to Sell More Event Tickets

email remarketing

Ad retargeting is a great way to sell more tickets to people who visit your event’s ticket sales page, but email remarketing is an even better way to re-engage your email subscribers (including those who add their email addresses on your ticket sales page but leave without buying). What is Email Remarketing? Email remarketing includes…

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The #1 Email Marketing Secret to Sell More Event Tickets

email marketing secrets

There is more to boosting ticket sales for your events than writing great event email marketing messages. Yes, the content of your messages is essential, but your efforts need to start long before you type out your first message if you want to achieve better than average results. According to data compiled by MailChimp, the…

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10 Event Marketing Email Messages that Skyrocket Ticket Sales

event marketing email

Did you know that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter? In addition, people are more likely to visit a website and buy from an email marketing message than search, social media, or any other marketing channel. The data doesn’t lie. Email marketing works! The challenge for event…

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