Event Marketing Tips

event marketing tips

It doesn’t matter how many events you’ve organized, event marketing is never easy, and for people who have never organized an event before, event marketing can be completely overwhelming? Where do you start? Social media marketing? Email marketing? Advertising? Where? When? The list of questions goes on and on. Fortunately, event marketing gets much easier…

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FREE Advertising: Share your event online

share your event free advertising

When you share your event online, the free advertising it provides can lead to explosive ticket sales. That’s because posting your event on multiple websites increases the chances that someone will see it. Every post can drive word-of-mouth marketing, more traffic to your ticket sales page, and more ticket sales. It really is that simple.…

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10 Event Marketing Email Messages that Skyrocket Ticket Sales

event marketing email

Did you know that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter? In addition, people are more likely to visit a website and buy from an email marketing message than search, social media, or any other marketing channel. The data doesn’t lie. Email marketing works! The challenge for event…

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10 Killer Facebook Marketing Ideas for Your Next Event

Facebook Marketing for Events

Every day 1.18 billion people use Facebook, and 85% of those people are in the United States. That means the people who might buy tickets to your event are more than likely using Facebook. If they’re not logging into Facebook on a daily basis, they’re certainly logging in on a monthly basis. In total, 1.79…

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5 Ticket Sales Features that Help You Sell out Every Event

ticket sales features

Publishing a ticket sales page online is just the first step to a sold out event. Once your web page is ready, you need to invest time and money into strategic event marketing, and you need some very specific ticket sales features to drive the best results. Below are five essential ticket sales features that…

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