Ultimate Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

Promoting your events through social media event marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to generate ticket sales. The truth is that if you build it (i.e., an event website and ticket sales page), they won’t come. That’s the reality of the internet. There are simply so many websites out there today that…

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5 Creative Event Marketing Ideas You Should Steal

creative event marketing ideas

Creative event marketing ideas can boost ticket sales exponentially. While you’ve undoubtedly heard about the importance of promoting your event through social media marketing and advertising, if you really want your event to be successful, it can help to think outside the box. Here are five creative event marketing ideas you might not have thought…

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10 Killer Facebook Marketing Ideas for Your Next Event

Facebook Marketing for Events

Every day 1.18 billion people use Facebook, and 85% of those people are in the United States. That means the people who might buy tickets to your event are more than likely using Facebook. If they’re not logging into Facebook on a daily basis, they’re certainly logging in on a monthly basis. In total, 1.79…

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