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Promotion Tips

Learn the Code that Boosts Your Marketing R.O.I. & Ticket Sales

UTM Tracking

  Peter Drucker, one of the greatest marketing minds around, once said, “what gets measured gets managed.” So, if you’re not tracking how each of your marketing and advertising investments are driving the ticket sales for your event, you’re wasting money and losing sales… it’s that simple.   Now, if this sounds really complicated, you’re…

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Why YouTube is Critical for Event Marketing and Venue Promotion

youtube event marketing venue promotion

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by Google, the largest search engine in the world. In other words, if people are looking for information or content (including information about events or venues), they’re probably using YouTube or Google to find it. That means savvy event marketers understand the…

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Event Marketing Tips

event marketing tips

It doesn’t matter how many events you’ve organized, event marketing is never easy, and for people who have never organized an event before, event marketing can be completely overwhelming? Where do you start? Social media marketing? Email marketing? Advertising? Where? When? The list of questions goes on and on. Fortunately, event marketing gets much easier…

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Promotion Tip #13 – Day Of Event Status


No matter who you use to ticket your event, a challenge we all have is the ability to communicate ticket status to prospective ticket buyers on the day of event. Questions include which ticket types are completely sold out and which ticket types are available at the door. Combine that with tickets that still may be…

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Double Checking Your Ticket Sales Page

We know how exciting it is to sell tickets to your awesome event. However, whether or not your event is successful solely depends on you the majority of the time. Making sure that your ticket sales page has all the important information on it, and other minor details, will make or break the success of…

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5 Ways to Sell More Event Tickets Earlier Than Ever

sell more event tickets earlier

The majority of people who attend events don’t buy tickets the first time they visit your ticket sales page. However, as an event organizer, your goal is to sell as many tickets as you can as early as possible so you have money to pay vendors, promote the event, and much more. Of course, you…

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Concert Promotion Tips

Concert Promotion Tips

If you want to attract a crowd to your concert, you must promote it. Whether you’re working as an event organizer or you work for a venue, church, PR firm, band, speaker, or performer, there are things you can do to promote your concert. The following concert promotion tips will help you attract larger audiences…

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How to Promote a Festival

how to promote a festival

  Festivals are a great way to entertain large crowds, but all festivals must be well promoted to be successful — whether they feature local artists or world famous musicians or they’re focused around a hobby or common interest. I’m often asked how to promote a festival, and fortunately, there are some easy ways to…

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10 Killer Facebook Marketing Ideas for Your Next Event

Facebook Marketing for Events

Every day 1.18 billion people use Facebook, and 85% of those people are in the United States. That means the people who might buy tickets to your event are more than likely using Facebook. If they’re not logging into Facebook on a daily basis, they’re certainly logging in on a monthly basis. In total, 1.79…

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20 Critical Ticket Sales Page Features Every Event Website Needs

ticket sales page features event website sq

One of the most important factors that can make your event a success or failure is your ticket sales page. Unfortunately, it’s also a piece of the event planning puzzle that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. However, not prioritizing the design, content, and functionality of the webpage where you’ll sell tickets is a…

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