AttendStar Event Management Services

Creating an event is a lot of work — but the ticketing process doesn’t have to be if you are using an exceptional ticket selling software for the event.

With AttendStar’s easy event ticketing, you can skip all the extras that take so much of your time. All you have to do to get the word out about your upcoming event with the easy-to-use platform is follow a simple five-step process. Here’s how it works:

  • Set your event name, date and the venue with the event-creation wizard.
  • Name your tickets, set their price and determine how many tickets you’ll have available.
  • Set up your payment preferences with the event booking software.
  • Use AttendStar’s event management marketing tools to promote your event.
  • Get real-time reports with the software’s Attendalytics and reporting tools that offer valuable insight into your ticket sales.

Using AttendStar’s event planning software and ticketing process takes the extra work out of the equation. Everything you need to create, plan, market and get paid for your ticketed event is wrapped up in one attractive package.

The Ultimate Event Management Software

There are a lot of event management companies out there, but few compare to what AttendStar can offer you as a client.

With AttendStar, you get features such as:

  • Phone representation from our professional team when customers have questions about tickets
  • Service without hidden fees, expected monthly payment commitments, or long-term contracts
  • Daily deposits as tickets sell, so you have almost immediate access to your sales money
  • Buyer support without AttendStar branding or marketing efforts
  • Access to mobile tools to continuously monitor ticket sales or stay on top of marketing

Additionally, AttendStar gives you event management tools that make keeping track of sales and promotions easier. You don’t have to rely on third-party logistics or your own harvested data to know what directions to take to get more sales.

Effectively Manage Your Event

AttendStar’s online event management through ticketing software helps you manage your event in numerous ways. The integrated tools make it simple to support and manage your event.

You can keep track of ticket sales, use the event planning logistics in your dashboard to gather valuable sales data, and even promote your event using social platforms (if you choose). AttendStar also makes it possible to plan for parking and traffic at an event, create custom phone systems for events with buyer options, and email buyers to help promote the event.

Who Benefits From Using AttendStar’s Event Ticket Management Software?


Event organizers






Venue owners

Who host ticketed events



Large and Small



Anyone who plans to host events that will require tickets

Managing your ticketed event is simplified with AttendStar’s unique setup and easy-to-navigate interface. Create your event, design your tickets, promote your event, generate sales, and get fast access to analytic data to boost ticket sales even further.

Get started without out-of-pocket expenses — and forget hidden charges and fine print. Contact us for more information about how to make your event a success with AttendStar.