Concert Ticketing Software


Box office software from AttendStar will help you in your event ticketing. The main one is that you never had to deal with printed tickets and the possible rumor that your event is sold out when it is not.

1. Improve planning

Knowing whether to buy more advertising or less is hard enough. With AttendStar Local, you are in control and organized instantly, all the time. We help you understand when to order more tickets or when to move them among outlets. Always know the status of your outlets.

2. Stop “sold out” rumors instantly

Nothing can take your profits away faster than a false rumor that your event is sold out. How can this happen you say? Bob walks into a ticket outlet that is out of pre-printed tickets and is told only “We are out of tickets.” Bob then tells Sue the event is sold out. Sue then tells Marsha the event is sold out and then before long, sales slow. AttendStar box office software solves this.

3. Accept credit cards at local outlets & at the door

You do not even need a credit card account. No application fees, no sign-up fees and no contracts. We charge just 2.9%, plus .30 per transaction. No hidden fees.

  • With AttendStar box office software you may use a credit card swipe device. The device must specify “keyboard” or “keyboard emulation.” Here is one such supplier.

4. Improve cash flow

If you have an event in a city you are not located in, working with AttendStar box office software can improve your cash flow as credit card revenue is collected faster.

5. Stop calling for ticket counts

How time much do you spend calling ticket outlets and obtaining ticket counts? Log in, check the totals, and in less than 1 minute you are done. Spend more time promoting and less time tracking.

6. Improve accounting of tickets sold

Envelopes with checks and cash often have a hard time adding up at outlets. With AttendStar Local, ticket sales always balance and accounting is easy. Your outlets will love you.

7. Improve customer service

What happens when one of your customers loses a ticket? All records are available at the event with AttendStar box office software. Everyone is happy.

8. Capture ticket buyer information

Until now, capturing ticket buyer information with pre-printed tickets at outlets and at the door was not easy. With AttendStar Local, you get an email address and what event they attended, so future marketing is easy.

9. Use existing printed tickets

Technology can be a good thing, but not always. Although AttendStar is technology-focused regarding our online systems, it’s not meant for every ticket buyer or every event. That’s why we also print tickets to sell at your ticket outlets and at the door.

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