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 Luke Cepheid, Ticket Buyer Support

Member Highlight

Luke Cepheid 

Ticket Buyer Support 

Meet Luke Cepheid, a vital member of AttendStar’s customer service team; he is 27 years old and a native of the Philippines. 

Luke’s day-to-day responsibilities range from helping coordinate with our event ops team to make real-time adjustments to helping alert venue staff of potential issues, fielding phone calls about event specifics, and guiding customers through the checkout experience. It’s not uncommon to see him go above and beyond with our ticket buyers to help ensure they get the best experience possible. 

Since AttendStar’s inception, our history and early beginnings started with our president and founder, Gary Bradshaw, who had the opportunity to develop and promote some of the most prominent artists in the Christian Music scene from the late 1980s through the early 2000s. 

As a promoter, Gary understood the commitment and sacrifice artists had to make to improve their craft and the intensity they put forth in their singing and developing mastery of stage presence. 

It’s my privilege to showcase one of our very own, Luke Cepheid, a vital member of our Customer Service Team and Ticket Buyer Support. 

Luke acts as our first line of defense in helping bridge the gap between ticket buyers and our clients by fielding calls, answering questions via chat or email, and finding solutions.

Beyond Luke’s work performance, he possesses a God-given talent for singing and a deep capacity for the performing arts. Luke’s passion and commitment to pursuing his dreams in music are something to applaud, especially while working and being an active member of his local community!

Luke is an outstanding individual who reflects the commitment and enthusiasm I hope to see in every member of the AttendStar team.  This is a contagious quality and one that I want others to carry into every area of their lives, especially while at work. 
I’m excited to see the fruits of his labor and wish him the best of luck at WCOPA 2023 (Anaheim, CA, USA) in July 2023.

Luke’s positive attitude, work ethic, and diverse talents make him an instrumental team member. Thank you for all your contributions to AttendStar!

Gary Bradshaw, President of AttendStar

Getting to Know Luke

Luke is a graduate of Culinary Arts, and though he is better known to his friends and family for his incredible cooking, he is also a distinguished singer and a lifelong student of performing arts. 

Luke holds a minor certification in Theatre Arts, where he has had the opportunity since the age of three to discover his love and passion for theater and performing arts. His official full-time pursuit of singing started at the age of nine when he began to actively pursue all aspects of theater, acting, singing, and poetry. 

  • Culinary Arts Graduate 
  • Part-Time DJ for Krystal FM Radio Station, Brunei
  • 2x Qualifier of World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA)
  • Frequent competitor in singing competitions in Brunei

He is also accomplished in performing arts, where he’s had the opportunity to play lead roles in varying genres. Some recent highlights include:

  • Lead role of Joseph in both the school production and independent production of Joseph The Dreamer in Ateneo de Manila University
  • Champion of ACE’s National Student’s Convention in Male Vocal Solo
  • Represented the Philippines in the A.C.E. International Student Convention for the Male Vocal Solo and Acting the and Poetry categories
  • Maskara Theatre Ensemble alumni of the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod, Philippines
    • Acting roles included the role of George Holly in the local production of Suddenly Last Summer held at the University of Saint La Salle, The Negros Museum, and The Ruins
  • Performed in Seri Mulia Sarjana’s production of Cinderella The Musical in Brunei
  • Kristal Kids Idol Finalist, Brunei

WCOPA World Championships of Performing Arts

Luke will be competing in the July 2023 WCOPA competition in Anaheim, California representing his country, the Philippines, for Vocal Solo in the Broadway, Gospel, Jazz, and Pop categories.  

Luke had previously qualified to represent the Philippines in the WCOPA in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the 2020 pandemic, the competition was postponed.

AttendStar donated $250 towards Luke’s travel costs to Anaheim, CA for his participation at WCOPA 2023.

The entire AttendStar team is wishing the best to Luke.

Good Luck at WCOPA 2023!

At AttendStar, we certainly love promoting events, but it’s not often we get the privilege to showcase and brag about one of our own. It makes it even more special when you get the opportunity to showcase extraordinary talent happening from within your company. 

Please join us in wishing Luke the best of luck at WCOPA 2023!