Kids can be part of the action! Race your Powerwheel at intermission during the event for a chance to win a FREE SOUVENIR! Fill out the form below to reserve your spot early to secure your spot in the KIDS POWERWHEEL RACE!


  • Two age groups = kids ages 3 to 5 old and 6 to 9 years old
  • Must have admission tickets to show
  • No entry form or entry fee! The Powerwheels race is FREE!
  • Must bring own Powerwheel
  • Single batter Powerwheel (12-24 volt max)
  • Stock unit – any brand can be used – 2-wheel, 3-wheel, 4-wheel
  • Bicycle helmet for the child is strongly recommended
  • If multiple kids are in the family race, they can ride together or use separate Powerwheel
  • When you first arrive to show, bring Powerwheel to the gate for staff to check it in & secure the unit with other Powerwheels
  • Parents & racers meet at Powerwheels during intermission
  • The parent is welcome to assist child on track & take photos
  • The track crew will have a pre-race meeting & ask the parent(s) to sign a waiver for the child to participate
  • The race will take place on the arena/track floor after intermission/prior to the start of 2nd half of the show
  • The winner of the race will receive a complimentary monster truck souvenir at the merchandise stand