Event Promotion Tools and Ideas


Remind Me Email Marketing

Many people visit your event page, but they don’t buy a ticket right away. You don’t want them to get away! With Remind Me, you can invite visitors who don’t buy immediately to sign up for email reminders about the event. Every 10 days before the event, they’ll receive up to six messages reminding them about the event and including an interesting link. For example, if you’re promoting a concert, you can send a link to the performing artist’s newest video. It’s up to you what links are sent and how often they’re sent.

Each email includes social media sharing buttons, making it easy for recipients to click a button and share the content to their social media profiles or email it to friends. That’s just one more way Remind Me helps you promote your event! Set it up once and it runs automatically.

Social Media Discount Campaigns

Social Discounts give your ticket buyers a discount on your ticket price if they share your event sales page on their Twitter profiles. You can set up a social discount at any time. You create the message that your ticket buyers share, and you choose which ticket types the social discount can be applied to. AttendStar takes care of the rest.

Ticket Buyer Buzz Email Marketing

Did you know that the biggest advocates of events are the people who buy tickets for the event early? During the four to five days after they buy those tickets, they’re excited and want to share the news with friends, family, and even strangers through social media! But after those five days pass, they tend to stop talking about it. If the event is still two months away, that’s a lot of lost word-of-mouth marketing for the event manager. Ticket Buyer Buzz turns that quiet time into vocal time!

Just pick 6 links to interesting content that your event attendees will want to read (or watch). Copy and paste those links into eight fields within your Event Dashboard. That’s all there is to it. AttendStar will automatically send ticket buyers an email message including the links, motivating them to talk about the event again and share the content with other people.

The email messages include social media sharing buttons so recipients can quickly and easily share the links to their social media profiles or forward the messages via email to friends and family. There’s no easier way to keep word-of-mouth marketing going during the months, weeks, and days leading up to your event!

Discount/Promo Codes

Everyone loves promo codes, and you can create all kinds of codes to give people discounts off of your ticket prices through your AttendStar Event Dashboard. It’s extremely flexible, so match your discounts to your creativity!

Ad Re-Marketing and Re-Targeting

Ad re-targeting (also known as ad re-marketing) is a popular marketing technique that ties a person’s online behaviors with the ads they see. When a visitor to your ticket sales page leaves that page, a “cookie” is attached to their browsing history. This cookie is a tracking tool used by most websites these days. For ad re-targeting, the cookie is used across the internet so the person sees your ads on other websites. AttendStar supports both Google AdWords and Adroll re-targeting.

Facebook Comments

Research shows that when you increase comments and engagement on a ticket sales page, ticket sales go up. So, AttendStar automatically adds Facebook comments to your ticket sales page. Anyone with a Facebook account can leave a comment directly on your ticket sales page, including you – the event manager! That means you can start conversations, ask questions, and try to generate excitement and sharing for your event right on your ticket sales page where potential ticket buyers will see it!

MailChimp Integration for Email Marketing

Save time and expand your email marketing to ticket buyers by exporting your buyer data directly to your MailChimp account. It’s super easy to promote your event and add buyers to your email marketing database for future use!

Buyer Data Download for Direct Marketing

You can download all of your ticket buyer data in a .csv file at any time and use it for your own marketing initiatives. For example, you can target buyers in specific zip codes and send a direct mail piece. It’s your choice!

Important Text Alerts

AttendStar can send important text alerts to your attendees for things such as weather or traffic.