Quickstart Guide

STEP 1: Create Your Event

Login to your account and select "New Event" on the top right underneath the red toolbar. Include the following:

  • Event name (this will also translate to your specific URL)
  • Description of event
  • Event banner (960x150 pixels) (click BROWSE to upload the image)
  • Event start and end dates and times
  • Website
  • Tags/keywords (so people can search for your event on search engines)
  • Venue name
  • Venue address [include street, city, state, zip code and country (if applicable)]
  • Contact information for the event (we recommend a name, phone number, and email)
  • Attendee instructions (this appears when somebody elects to register/buy tickets for your event)

STEP 2: Publish Your Event

Select "Publish" if you wish your event to go public right away. If not, select "Draft." You can edit the event and publish it later by clicking "Edit Event" on the "Overview" page. This will take you back to the event creation page.

STEP 3: Choose your Payment Method

To access this, go to the "Ticketing" menu and choose "Ticket Payment Options." Choose your payment option method or "Free" if your event only has free tickets.

STEP 4: Enter in Payment Method Credentials

Enter your payment method account credentials or AttendStar Payment Processing if you selected paid tickets. Click "Update."

STEP 5: Design Your Ticket

Go to the "Ticketing" menu and select "Ticket Design." Upload your ticket logo, which should be 144x160 pixels. Click "Browse" to select the image from your computer. When you are finished, click "Update" and the image will upload to your ticket.

STEP 6: Create Your Ticket(s) for Your Event

Go to the "Ticketing" menu and select "New Ticket." Complete the information for your ticket, including the price, quantity, when they will be on sale, and what information you want to appear on the ticket. Click "Add Ticket." Repeat as necessary for each additional ticket (ex: General Admission, Children 5-13, VIP Ticket, etc...).

STEP 7: Collect Attendee Information

Go to the "Attendees" menu and select "Attendee Fields." This is the information you want to collect from your attendees/ticket buyers. We have pre-determined fields including address, city, state, zip, and an option to get a free newsletter. You can create your own custom fields; just select "Create New Field" and fill out the necessary fields.

STEP 8: Create Discounts (If Applicable)

If you are offering discounts or special codes, go to the "Ticketing" tab and select "New Discount". Fill out the information as needed, including the code/password that ticket buyers need to type in to receive the discount.

STEP 9: Promote Your Event

Go to the "Promote" menu and use those tools to promote your event! Ticket widgets, event URL codes, and everything else underneath that menu is able to be edited to your preference.

STEP 10: Contact AttendStar

Feel free to contact AttendStar if you have any questions, suggestions or any other needs.