Ticket Scanner & Internet Request Form

AttendStar is happy to work with you on the number of scanners requested for your event, however, AttendStar will decide the final number of scanners needed. We will take into consideration number of entrances, ticket takers, and expected attendance.

This form MUST be completed before scanners are shipped out. You will be responsible for the safety and condition of the scanners while in possession. AttendStar also requires a credit card from the renting party to be on file, in case anything may happen to the scanners (loss, damage, misuse, etc).

Although the use of AttendStar scanners are free, we do request that you cover the cost of shipping the scanners to and from your event. your card will be charged for this.

The value of the scanners are $800.00 and the value of the hotspots are $200 each. If you would rather not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged hardware you may want use the Android and iPhone apps.


  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa