Our Unique Pricing Model

Pricing and Serves That Give You Freedom

We have very simple pricing and it's actually easy to understand.

We give you a percentage of our ticket fee for the additional services we offer.  Since we do not know how many tickets you will sell online, it's impossible to automatically include things.

Here are some examples:

Sell 5,000 tickets with a $2.00 ticket fee for a total of $10,000, we give you $2,000 to spend on things like travel, marketing, phone systems or many other things. If your per ticket fee is more you get more.  For example, at $3.00 per ticket, we give you a 30% or $3,000.

This can really add up for larger events.

Sell 20,000 tickets at $2.00, you get $8,000.  This means our Facebook work and travel can be completely paid for.  Even some email campaigns or even a website!

You choose what you need!