Ticket Buyer Remarketing

What exactly is Ticket Buyer Remarketing and why do you need it?

First, 80% of the people that visit your ticket sales page never buy.  In the e-commerce world with sites like Amazon, Best Buy and others that number is 96%.  Event ticketing produces better results because usually there is only one place to buy.

People do not buy for a variety of reasons.  Such as price, service fees, date conflict etc.  But the number one reason is lack of perceived value to pay whatever price for the event that is being charged.

Of that 80 % that never buy 30% will start to buy and it's that 30% we built Ticket Buyer Remarketing for.

The goal of re-marketing is exactly as the name implies.  We are trying to sell the prospect on the value of your event.

We do this by capturing the prospects email address after they click the BUY TICKETS button then fail to complete the purchase process.  We then send carefully crafted emails that share the value of your event that you might have missed.  The reason most event organizers miss sharing the complete value picture is that they are familiar with the artist or performers more so than the 30% we are trying to sell.

So the goal is to restate the reasons or why the event is a good value to the prospect.  Ways that we can do this include sharing videos, sharing awards or press that the performers have earned.  Perhaps it's sharing some music or even music and concert reviews. For other events maybe you need a better frequently asked questions section or better event graphics.

So often in the event business organizers are bigger fans of the talent than the ticket buyers are, this is a bad thing when it comes to marketing because we fail to SELL the event.   Your profit from the event is often in the last 20% of attendees so the failure to sell is a mistake that will cost you money.