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Use Advanced Search Features to Find Exactly What You Need

Event organizers will reduce phone calls and emails and save time when they use the Venue Directory from AttendStar.

All venue listings will be searchable by a variety of essential criteria. Users can search by:

  • Market area
  • Market area population
  • Type of venue
  • Seating ranges (e.g. 2,000 - 3,000)
  • The median income in the market
  • Median home value in the market
  • Population demographics
  • And more!

Get Detailed Descriptions to Choose a Venue with Confidence

Every listing in the directory will include detailed information making it easy for event organizers to match their needs to the right venue. Here's just some of the information available:

  • Types of seating (e.g. chairs, bleachers, etc.)
  • Reserved seating availability
  • Types of sound and lighting
  • Parking lot capacity
  • Parking fees (if any)
  • Performance area size
  • Concession information
  • Safety and medical services required and available
  • Local non-profit organizations that can help with your event
  • And more!

Communicate with Multiple Venues at One Time and Save More Time

Need to contact one or more venues to get more information or check available dates before choosing a venue? No problem!

Event organizers can contact many venues at one time by email directly from the Venue Directory saving tons of time and reducing the frustration of email fatigue.

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