What's New at AttendStar

We thought we would create a place where all our Clients could see what's new at AttendStar and what might be happening.

August 2020

In August we made some internal changes in our development team and process.  We now have a Software Development Manager and a new engineer.  As a result, we also introduced some new tools to keep us organized.  We have a new Work Management System and use Slack since we operate from so many locations other than Nashville.

Starting this month we will now release new features or changes Monday mornings or Tuesday morning if Monday is a holiday.

In addition, we also are going to start sharing futures plans in a "road map" for most new features, but not all.  We will still hold back on some ideas that we do not want to share with our competition.

September 8, 2020

  • Admin changes behind the scenes.
  • Made it so ticket buyers do not have to enter their email address 4 times to buy tickets.
  • Eliminated an old internal report we no longer used
  • Removed some items on our internal Admin menu and moved them to another location in the Event Manager


September 1, 2020

  • Moved the "Marketing Tag Line" from Tickets > Advanced to the first tab
  • On Attendees > Browse Attendees we made a couple of changes such as you can now search by the ticket buyer phone number. We removed the Resend link from every ticket line item since when you click that all tickets in the order get resent.
  • On the Overview page, we have added an "Ad-Ons" count. When you create a ticket like for a t-shirt or something you sell to an attendee you click the "Add-On" checkbox and this will separate out Attendees and extra items.
    New Adons
  • Started design for a new mobile-friendly Event Manager
  • Added the name of the ticket being edited on the Detailed Information and Advanced tab.  Before it only appeared on the first tab.
  • Added a √ checkmark to the last ticket being edited
  • Account-wide search now searches phone number (Search) at the top
  • Added Stripe to Client Sales Analysis Report (our Admin)
  • Low Ticket Alerts email redesigned and now support 3 emails