"Event ticketing, marketing, and logistics take a team to make everything work.  Our team is located in four countries and different time zones.  So we have developed a system to track all our work and keep you informed.  Any of our team can forward your emails to success@attendstar.com, however, it's faster if you send them to success@attendstar.com."

Welcome to the team!

Ticket Support / Guest Services

(615) 223-1008 / tickets@attendstar.com

Lilian / Luke / Elaiza

Client Success / Support

(615) 223-1973 / success@attendstar.com

Stephanie / Rose / Gary / Jeff

Rose Abigan

Client Success

(615) 252-2856

Stephanie Hawkins

Client Success / Knower of All Things

(615) 823-1163

Gary Bradshaw

Client Success / Sales & Marketing

(615) 823-1164

Jeff Clementi

Client Success / Solutions Architect / On-site Support

(615) 223-1973 Ext: 220

Corey Hill

Client Success / Social Media Marketing

(615) 223-1973 Ext: 210

Rob Henley

Software Development / Sr. Team Member

Lilian Sipalay

Ticket Buyer Support

Elaiza Kathryn

Ticket Buyer Support

Luke Villarta

Ticket Buyer Support

Cathy Lopez

Software Testing and Requirements

Brian MacKenzie

Software Development / Staffing

Ritesh Pancholi

Software Project Manager

Special Partners

Social Media for Events
Event Marfketing
Staffing, Websites