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Need help with your tickets?

Have your tickets resent to your email. 

Email Address:


Note: You must use the same email address you used to order your tickets. The email includes links to download your tickets and will come from tickets@attendstar.com. If you are receiving an error message stating the tickets cannot be found, please be sure to double-check the email address you entered for spelling errors or typos. If you are still receiving an error message, please contact us on the form below–sometimes it could be the email address entered when purchasing the tickets contains a spelling error or typo.

Some Extra Help

  • Make sure you double-check your SPAM and junk email folders for your tickets!
  • If you are having issues downloading and/or printing your tickets, please use our troubleshooting guide to help you.
  • Have a question about an event you purchased tickets for? Please contact the event directly. Check out our event list.


Contact Us

We work all the time–from the office, from home and even on the go–so we answer your requests via email because usually we have to research the issue. If you need to have your tickets resent to your email, please see the information at the top of this page.